Large Iron Ferris Wheel “Atlantic” with 8 Hanging Lanterns


Large Iron Ferris Wheel “Atlantic” with 8 Hanging Lanterns


Attract every consumer in town with your very own Ferris Wheel! The Lesera “Atlantic” Ferris Wheel is manufactured using high-quality iron making it structurally sound and incredibly easy to assemble. The wheel actually rotates, spinning the eight hanging lanterns as it makes its way around. These lanterns are equipped with glass panels to allow any light from a candle or a battery operated glow to radiate throughout, looking truly magnificent at night. It’s also possible to use the lanterns to display various plant and flowers – let your imagination take control and you’ll see how this fantastical piece essentially sells itself.

*Available in 3 different color finishes (safe for outdoors): White, Bronze, and Verdi Green

Product Dimensions: 79″ L x 24″ W x 102″ H



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