Set of 3 Assorted Owls with Light-Up Solar Eyes


Set of 3 Assorted Owls with Light-Up Solar Eyes

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Solar decor is ALL the trend this year, and you don’t want to be the only person without these fun light up products. This Set of 3 Assorted Solar Owls features exquisite craftsmanship and solar powered eyes that light up at night. Each owl is carefully painted with close attention to details such as the texture of the feathers. Great for patio and porches, windowsills, tabletops, or placed in your garden among the foliage. Both adults and children will love their adorable life-like faces and bold glowing eyes.

  • Indoor/Outdoor; year round use
  • Crafted from high quality Polyresin material
  • Solar panel built into back with push button on/off switch
  • Includes rechargeable solar battery
  • Be sure to place in direct sunlight and keep panel clean
  • Hand painted for a natural look
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7 reviews for Set of 3 Assorted Owls with Light-Up Solar Eyes

  1. Brittany (verified owner)

    These are so cute! I am using them for fall decor on my front porch! Their eyes are solar. They are medium weight that they shouldn’t blow away. They are super cute. They would be great just sat out as home decor.

  2. Angela (verified owner)

    These owls are too cute!! The pictures do not do them justice. When they light up at night, it is really bright. I cant wait till fall and to use them as scary eyes this Halloween. My biggest owl has a crack in the left eye but thankfully it still works.

  3. Tracey (verified owner)

    These are so super adorable!! Each owl has in own little personality. Rich colors and details. An on an off switch so you don’t have to have the solar eyes on if you don’t wish too. A lovely addition to any flower or vegetable garden.

  4. Erin (verified owner)

    These are the cutest owl statues I have seen. They are solar powered and the eyes glow. Im going to use them in my front garden. Super adorable for someone who loves owls. Plus you get 3 for a great price

  5. Madison (verified owner)

    Quick shipping like always, packaged very well, I love the size they are perfect to put anywhere. They have a on and off button on the back and a small solar panel they keeps them charged up. I have used them for about a week and they still shine bright. I love how cute they are!

  6. Loraine (verified owner)

    These three owls make a cute addition to my backyard deck area. Each is different and the eyes light up at night. These are solar powered so no need to worry about batteries. They seem nicely made and each owl has a different look.

  7. Martine (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these owls! First of all, they are larger than I expected, (7 34” x 4 12”), and beautiful. After letting them sit in the sun during the day, I pressed the “on” button when the sun went down, and their eyes lit up brightly. I really love these owls and recommend them to anyone who wants to liven up their outdoor patio or porch. Just put them in a sunny place during the day and they’re ready to light up at night. I did spray them with a finish so that they don’t fade, and from previous experience with outdoor decorations, I recommend spraying them with a finish because otherwise, their color may fade after awhile.

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