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Set of 3 Assorted Owls with Light-Up Solar Eyes


Set of 3 Assorted Owls with Light-Up Solar Eyes


Solar decor is ALL the trend this year, and you don’t want to be the only person without these fun light up products. This Set of 3 Assorted Solar Owls features exquisite craftsmanship and solar powered eyes that light up at night. Each owl is carefully painted with close attention to details such as the texture of the feathers. Great for patio and porches, windowsills, tabletops, or placed in your garden among the foliage. Both adults and children will love their adorable life-like faces and bold glowing eyes.

  • Indoor/Outdoor; year round use
  • Crafted from high quality Polyresin material
  • Solar panel built into back with push button on/off switch
  • Includes rechargeable solar battery
  • Be sure to place in direct sunlight and keep panel clean
  • Hand painted for a natural look
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