Set of 4 Assorted 4″ Round Ceramic Sailor Balls “Etsumi”

Set of 4 Assorted 4″ Round Ceramic Sailor Balls “Etsumi”


Inspired by Japanese ukidama, or float balls, which were once used to assist with fishing operations all over the world, the Lesera set of 12 Ceramic Sailor Balls will bring a touch of delicate beauty to any room. Each ball is hand-painted and lovingly-crafted with a variety of intricate and beautiful designs. “Etsumi” means ocean and water, but also joy, attractiveness and pleasure which is aptly represented by these four flower engraved ceramic balls with warm inviting colors.

  • Suggested for indoor use
  • Made from 100% fine ceramic
  •  Hand painted for an antique appearance
  • Engraved symbols and patterns
  • Interesting textures and intricate details
  • Sell as a set or individually to allow your customers to choose their favorites
  • Display in bowl, basket, glass vase, etc.

Product Dimensions: 4″ L x 4″ W x 4″ H

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