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The Backyard Enthusiast’s Guide to Buying Quality Outdoor Furniture

by | Apr 22, 2020

As the weather begins to warm and the frost melts away, now is the best time to take a look at your outdoor patio and liven things up. Outdoor entertaining is just around the corner. Whether it’s just with family or a group of friends, is your patio up to the task? 

Much of the comfort and overall feel of your outdoor space has to do with your outdoor furniture. If you’re in need of a major update, check out this guide to choosing the best quality outdoor furniture for this spring and summer! 

1. First Thing’s First, Consider Your Budget

Your budget is a large determining factor in the type of furniture you choose for your outdoor patio. It’s all about buying the best furniture you can personally afford — not what’s completely unrealistic. 

If you’re bound by a tight budget, here are a few tips to help you find the best quality furniture at a decent cost: 

  • Shop for attractive outdoor furniture at the end of the summer, around August, and make the most of the change-of-season sales 
  • Look for less expensive materials i.e. resin, aluminum or imitation wood and veneer 
  • Scout out thrift stores for vintage wooden pieces that can be restored — they may even be better quality than first-hand finds! 

Otherwise, if you can’t afford to completely replace an outdoor patio set, why not switch out the cushions for new material?

2. What Type of Weather Are You Working With?

Next, it’s important to consider your local climate and its weather patterns. How often does it rain, do you live near the coast, do you struggle with humid or very dry, arid weather? All of these factors play into the type of furniture you choose and the material to suit. 

Bear in mind that some types of outdoor furniture just do not suit certain climates. For example, very dry and hot climates tend to splinter wood furniture. Strong coastal winds can blow over aluminum sets, while wicker does not stand up to humidity well. So, do a little research and choose wisely. 

3. How Much Space Do You Have? 

You’ll need to consider how much room you have on your outdoor patio and choose your furniture based around the available space.

Keep in mind that you still need to leave room for movement and traffic on your patio. Don’t go for a furniture set that takes up 90% of your available space, making your patio cramped and uncomfortable. Basically, you should apply the same principals of traffic flow that you would inside your home. 

If you’re working with a small space, think about elevated furniture, such as a bar counter and stools. Otherwise, café and bistro-style furniture also work well due to a smaller profile. 

4. Choosing the Material of Quality Outdoor Furniture

As mentioned, material choice for your outdoor furniture is vital. Aside from the type of weather in your region, there are two other factors to consider. These include the level of care required and the aesthetic appeal of the material. 

Some of the most low-maintenance materials include aluminum, teak, and resin. Resin furniture is highly popular because it can withstand damp conditions well, and is available in a large variety of finishes. Teak is long-lasting but can be expensive. 

Wrought iron is also a hardy material that can withstand the elements, take the heat, and last for a long time. 

5. Place Your Furniture Wisely 

Another important consideration when choosing furniture material is the surface it will sit on. Think about whether you plan on putting your furniture on soft grass, hardwood, paving, tiles or concrete. The furniture material must also be a good match for this environment. 

A word of caution: avoid placing softer woods (pine) on grassy or damp surfaces. The moisture can cause the wood to rot over time. The same goes for softer metals (aluminum) which can corrode over time.   

6. Choose Furniture Color for Longevity 

In the world of outdoor furniture, you are no longer bound to the natural tones of wood and wicker or sleek metal tones. There is a variety of furniture tones to choose from, but this doesn’t mean they are all fit to last a lifetime. 

If you plan on purchasing your outdoor furniture as a long-term investment, it’s wise to choose a color that will stand the test of time. For true longevity, stick to muted, neutral tones such as natural wood, beige, white, and grey. If you want to add in a splash of color, do so with your cushions and other accent pieces.  

7. Make Comfort a Priority 

The point of your outdoor furniture is for relaxation. You want to feel completely comfortable in this space, and the same goes for your guests. This being said, make sure you don’t skimp on quality either. When choosing cushion material, ensure it’s a high-quality outdoor fabric that can withstand heat exposure and mildew. 

When shopping for outdoor furniture, don’t make the mistake of not trying it out before you buy it. Sit on it, lay down, and get a feel for the comfort level. You may want to consider rockers, recliners, day beds, chaise lounges, and hammocks for ultimate comfort.  

8. Make Room For Storage 

What will you do with outdoor furniture when the weather starts to turn? It’s important to make provision for this furniture when it’s not in use anymore. The reality is that furniture covers may not cut it in the dead of winter, especially with softer materials such as wicker, cane, and pine. 

Storage should be a priority, whether it’s in your garage, a shed, or it can be brought indoors during the winter months. Otherwise, buy an outdoor furniture set that folds down flat and is easy to store.  

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