How to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Space

Did you know that there are about 169 outdoor furniture manufacturing companies in the United States alone? Together, they employ almost 6,000 people and generate more than $2 billion in revenue each year! Because this market is so huge, there is a lot of outdoor...

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Spring Yard Decor

Did you know that the average US yard is a whopping five acres in size? Many of us can only dream of having an outdoor space so large! Indeed, studies have shown that US yards have shrunk in size over time. Whether you have a large or small outdoor space, you can make...

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The Complete Guide to Choosing a Bird Bath for Your Yard

Over 70% of plants and flora rely on birds for seed dispersal. Therefore, a thriving local community of birds helps create a rich ecosystem. Many gardeners contribute to this phenomenon by welcoming birds into their gardens using birdbaths. If you're among the many...

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7 Ideas for Unique Outdoor Christmas Decor

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and physiology reveals why. Christmas decorations make people happier because of the sentiment and bright colors. Decorations cause the brain to release dopamine, which triggers the brain's reward center to make people feel...

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Using Garden Decor to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Spending time outdoors can reduce cortisol levels. It boosts your well-being and lowers your risk of all kinds of diseases. So why don't we do it more often? Modern life sees us stuck behind desks and under fluorescent lighting. Few of us lack the time to connect with...

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Let’s Get Spooky: 9 Halloween Garden Decoration Ideas

Did you know that Americans spent over $10 billion collectively on Halloween-related purchases in 2021? It's no surprise that this holiday is one of the primary reasons people purchase fall decorations. However, Halloween decorating doesn't always have to involve...

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How To Attract Birds to a Birdhouse

Beautiful blue birds, sweet songbirds, and small sparrows fluttering around your yard are a perfect way to feel closer to nature. Birds are looking for a safe space to call their home. Want to learn how to attract birds to a birdhouse near your home? We can help!...

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