The Birdhouse. Bird Delights PT2: Home Suite Home.

A birdhouse is an excellent addition to a yard, especially if you already have a birdbath like we discussed a few weeks ago. The birdbath serves as an invitation for birds to visit your yard, offering them a place to refresh and socialize. Now, it’s time to give them...

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A Guide to Installing Rain Chimes in Your Outdoor Space

Intriguingly melodic and steeped in history, rain chimes have long been admired for their ability to bring the soothing sounds of nature to our outdoor spaces. From their humble origins in ancient cultures to modern innovations, these musical ornaments have captivated...

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Bird Delights: Birdbaths & Birdwatching Starter Guide

  There's more. Check out our follow-up micro blog, Bird Delights pt2: Home Suite Home, to see where to go next on your home birding journey.   If it’s one thing we all tend to love, it’s birds. Whether it’s the miracle of flight, the colorful feathers, or...

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7 Small Backyard Gazebo Ideas for Your Space

You want to transform your limited backyard space with a gazebo. But you aren't sure what your options are. So... what now? Well, today we're diving into 7 small backyard gazebo ideas for your space. Whether you're aiming to create a cozy nook for relaxation or a chic...

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Garden Blooms & Beyond

Gardening isn’t just for the therapy of it all, it’s a way to get in touch with and stay connected to nature. It’s also a way to bring natural beauty to your home. Creating a lush garden is one thing that requires skill and planning.

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Do Traditional Garden Gnomes Have Any Meaning?

Have you ever wondered about those cute little men with red hats and bushy beards that populate many gardens? What is the story behind these traditional garden gnomes? Garden gnomes have a long and storied past. They originate from medieval folklore and, over the...

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9 Unique Garden Accents to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Last year, about 80% of American households spent time working on their gardening projects. If you are one of these people, you understand the time, effort, and passion it takes to turn your garden into a success. It should be a unique reflection of who you are and...

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