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7 Garden Essentials You’ve Got to Have at Your Next Garden Party

by | Jul 29, 2020

Garden parties are the perfect way to bring close friends and family together for a relaxing event. Guests will enter your garden and enjoy one another’s company, mingle, and become memorized by your beautiful garden. 

You’ve put together the party’s details including drinks and food, charming music, and the date and time. Have you thought about what garden essentials you want to add to your garden before the party, though? You want to impress everyone with your lovely garden, and there’s no doubt that having the best garden accessories will do the trick.

For some amazing garden decorating ideas and garden accessories you’ll need to know about before your party, continue reading below. Here’s our guide on how to decorate a garden for a party!

1. A Birdbath and Bird Feeder

Creating a reason for birds to want to visit your garden is the best way to ensure they do. Birds are not only fun to watch, but they can be big helpers when it comes to keeping insects and weeds at a minimum. Including a birdbath and a bird feeder into your garden design will attract plenty of bird species!

You can choose from several different birdbath designs made from iron. There are birdbaths with iron birds on them, birdbaths with a maple leaf design as the bath, and much more.

Both the birdbath and feeder that you choose should be able to withstand all weather elements and create a welcoming place for birds to bathe and feed. 

2. Birdhouse and Wind Chime

To ensure you invite birds to your garden party, you’ll want to have a birdhouse or two in your garden. You can choose to place a birdhouse on a stake in the ground, or you can get even more creative. 

Consider hanging a birdhouse wind chime on your back porch near your garden. You can also hang it from a nearby tree if needed. A birdhouse wind chime brings beauty and music to your garden. 

There are a few types of birdhouse wind chimes to choose from, such as the “Farm House” wind chime. Select the one that fits into your garden’s personality the best.

3. Mosaic Bistro Set and Garden Bench 

Now that the birds are taken care of, it’s time to make sure your human guests are taken care of as well. As your friends and family arrive at your party, you’ll want to provide them with ample seating options. A mosaic bistro set and a garden bench or two will do the trick.

Garden furniture is essential because it provides a place for anyone to relax, soak up all the beauty, and enjoy a cold cup of tea or lemonade. A mosaic bistro set is vibrant and offers two chairs and a small table perfect for any garden.

You can then choose an iron bench with sea creatures or a more traditional look. There’s a large variety to choose from, and we won’t judge you if you decide on more than one!

4. Acrylic Garden Stakes

Acrylic garden stakes are a great way to bring more color into your garden. Between butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies, there are many options to choose from that’ll all look amazing at your garden party.

Each option comes in a variety of colors to choose from as well. Place them throughout your garden and watch them bring it to life! As the sun shines through them, the colors will be enhanced, creating a magical atmosphere. 

5. Fairy Lights and Garden Lanterns

If you plan on allowing your garden party to flow into the evening hours, then you’ll need to have a few ways to light up the night. Fairy lights and garden lanterns are the best way to do just that!

The fairy lights can be hung either inside or outside. They also come with a remote that allows you to change different settings on them. Hang them around your patio’s awning or on your trees. 

They’ll bring plenty of light to your garden party without taking away from the beauty of the garden itself. You can also place a few garden lanterns around the seating areas or walkways of your garden. 

Garden lanterns are made with powder-coated iron to protect it from natural elements.

6. Garden Gazebo and Garden Swing

A garden gazebo and a garden swing will add charm to your garden. A gazebo with an open roof is ideal for stargazing at night. It’ll also create the perfect place to hang your string fairy lights.

Garden vines will love to grow through your garden gazebo as well, which will only add to its character. You can choose from a few different garden swings as well. Swings are fun not only for children but for adults as well. 

They make for a wonderful place to decompress and enjoy nature with the wind in your hair. 

7. Garden Bridge and Arch or Gate

If you have a narrow path that leads into your garden, then you could benefit from a garden bridge, arch, or gate. Place a garden bridge in your yard that leads directly into your garden or from one section of the garden to another. Garden bridges are also ideal for small ditches in the yard.

An arch or gate will be the perfect way to welcome guests into your garden. When you’re able to have an actual gate or arch that leads you into your garden, it creates a more enchanting and welcoming space. 

Which Garden Essentials Will You Have at Your Garden Party?

Planning a garden party requires a few necessary steps. Adding the right garden essentials to your garden is the perfect way to ensure your garden party is the perfect place for you and your human and animal guests. 

Be sure to browse through our products to find the right garden accessories for you, and contact us with any questions you might have!

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