Country Kitchen: 6 Decor Ideas for a Cozy and Unique Space

by | Feb 22, 2021

Did you know that you don’t need to live in a cabin in the woods to get that country kitchen feel right at home? You can transform any kitchen and turn it into the country kitchen of your dreams. 

Want to find out how? 

With only a few simple changes and decorating ideas, you can have a unique country kitchen that will feel cozy and inviting. If you’re ready to update your space and put the finishing touches on your kitchen, look no further. 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on six decor ideas for a cozy and unique country kitchen that will make cooking fun. 

1. Opt for Country Colors

One of the best ways to get a country-style kitchen is by choosing colors that give the classic country feel. These are typically bright and colorful, which help to make your kitchen feel more unique and alive. 

You’re going to want to choose yellow, light blue, white, red, or even beige, as these are great country colors for a kitchen. Repainting the walls or cabinets in your kitchen can help it to pop. 

Yet, you can also choose some fun country-style decor in these colors as well. You can try adding something like this table and chair set to a small country kitchen. The colors and pattern are magnificent and will compliment the rest of your country decor. 

2. Go for a Natural Look

If you don’t like the look of vibrant colors in your kitchen, another way to pull off the farmhouse style kitchen is by going for a natural look. That means you’re going to want to stick to basic white colors and natural woods. 

The more rustic the wood than the better! You’ll find that kitchens with a rustic and natural vibe tend to feel cozier and pull of the country vibe very well. It also helps to bring in some warmth to a space that is filled with white. 

You’ll especially love this look if you have hardwood floors in your kitchen. The natural wood will help to complement each other very well.

3. Mason Jars

When thinking about the best old country style kitchen ideas, mason jars are something that comes to mind. You’ll find that mason jars are useful in many different ways throughout your kitchen. 

You can use mason jars as a decorative tool by putting beautiful things in them, such as flowers. They’re also easy to DIY and make them look rustic to help fit your theme. 

Another way to use mason jars in your country style kitchen is their practical use. You can store different things in them like snacks, flour, sugar, coffee, and so much more. Setting them out on your kitchen counter is a great way to decorate and still keep your kitchen items organized. 

4. Clutter is Okay

One thing you will notice about a country style kitchen is that everything isn’t put away and pristine. In fact, many times you’ll find that everything is out on display, and that’s okay. 

Having a kitchen with a bit of clutter makes it feel cozier and lived in, which is the vibe that country kitchens are trying to pull off. 

There are several ways that you can create contained clutter in your country kitchen. One is by having cupboards with glass doors on them so that you can see plates, bowls, cups, and anything else you keep inside. 

Another way to pull this look off is by creating open-air shelves instead of cabinets in your kitchen. Open-air shelves are a beautiful country kitchen look that shows off your kitchen items in a contained way. You can even decorate the selves with different knick-knacks. 

5. Display Your Pots and Pans

Are you looking for the perfect country style kitchen wall decor? Displaying your pots and pans on your wall is a great way to store them as well as decorate your walls. 

Investing in some beautiful brass or copper pans can make your country kitchen feel rustic and comfy. You can even get a long display rack to hang them over the stove. 

If you are limited on wall space, you can get a display rack that hangs from the ceiling. You’ll find this is also a great way to store your pots and pans to help give your more cupboard space for other essentials. 

6. Find Country Knick-Knacks

The best way to finish off your country style kitchen is by completing it with cute country style knick-knacks. You can find tons of different decor items to add to your kitchen that you’re going to love, and won’t look tacky. 

When you’re thinking of country knick-knacks, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you said birdhouses, we have you covered. Be sure to check out our beautiful farmhouse birdhouse that you can hang in your kitchen. We have a few options to choose from, and they’re perfect for indoors or outdoors. 

Displaying your fruit in an antique fruit basket is another cute knick-knack you can add to your home. Especially if your family is the type to always reach for a piece of fruit, this makes it easy for them.

Plus, getting different types of fruit to add color to your kitchen can be fun. Your family can try new and exciting fruits to find out what they like. 

Lastly, adding a few knick-knacks that feature owls, chickens, or birds in a classy way can help to make your kitchen feel more country-inspired. Make sure to find knick-knacks that you like and want to see in your kitchen every day. 

Changing Your Space Into a Country Kitchen

Transforming your space into the country kitchen of your dreams doesn’t need to be as difficult as you would think. It also doesn’t need to be tacky.

Make sure you use our decor ideas when decorating your space to pull off a cozy and unique country style kitchen so you will feel welcome each time you come home.

We offer tons of products to help you transform your space and decorate how you want. Be sure to check out all our new arrivals for tons of unique products you’re going to love. 

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