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Unique Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Freshen Up Your Yard

by | Mar 18, 2021

Spring is almost upon us, and that means summer is just around the corner.

Your backyard space may have been unused all winter, but that’s about to change. Pretty soon, the flowers will begin to bloom, and the warm spring sunshine will turn your yard into a tiny slice of paradise. 

That’s why now is the time to start looking for unique outdoor furniture for your favorite outdoor space. And we’ve got everything you’ll need in our list of furniture ideas for your yard. 

1. Santa Fe Mosaic Bistro Set

First up in our list of unique outdoor furniture is this attractive bistro set

Evoking the charm of the Southwest, this collection includes four pieces—two folding chairs, a round table, a small accent table, and a plant stand. The Santa Fe set features a decorative scheme of a light orange iron base, together with colorful mosaic tiles. 

Whether you live in the desert Southwest, or somewhere a little less arid, the Santa Fe mosaic bistro set makes for a great outdoor furniture complement to any yard.

2. Coastal Iron Octopus Bench

This unique and whimsical outdoor bench is inspired by the wonders of the hidden life of the sea. 

It features a curving and elegant design that reminds one of the pounding waves of the surf. Of course, its centerpiece is its namesake cephalopod. Of course, if you live in a coastal area, the octopus bench makes for a great addition to your outdoor decor. 

But it works in pretty much any yard. And don’t forget to pair this unique piece with others in our Coastal Collection. 

3. Rocking Garden Armchair

This is our unique iron rocking garden armchair. You can choose whichever finish will most complement your overall aesthetic—either antique white, or bronze. 

These luxurious pieces of garden furniture make the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor garden or patio. Plus, it’s resistant to rust and weather, so you can enjoy it for many seasons to come. 

4. Philadelphia Mosaic Bistro Set

This is another unique and attractive mosaic bistro set in our eclectic offerings. 

The Philadelphia set is elegant and somewhat more subdued than some of our other sets. It includes two folding iron chairs, and a round table with colorful mosaic tiles. 

This bistro set features a patchwork, pastel color scheme and pattern, and we think it will be the perfect fit in any outdoor space. 

5. Folding Victorian Garden Armchair

Are you looking for something that’s a little more antique and old-fashioned? 

This folding Victorian garden armchair is a great addition to any garden or outdoor area. A part of our “Stephania” series of outdoor, iron garden furniture, it’s an understated and elegant piece that will match well with any outdoor space. 

It also comes in three separate finishes, including antique blue, antique green, and antique white. 

6. Los Angeles Mosaic Bistro Set

The “Los Angeles” bistro set is another excellent furniture collection for outdoor spaces—especially those warm and sunny outdoor spaces that evoke sunshine-soaked California. 

If you want to accent your outdoor space with attractive chairs and tables, this is the perfect bistro set for you. The color scheme is colorful but not overpowering. It features pale orange ironwork and mosaic tiles that come in intricate colors and patterns. 

7. Victorian Garden Table

Another unique offering in our “Stephania” line, this folding garden table will accentuate any backyard. 

It’s an unobtrusive little table, and it’s perfect for either decorative purposes or for supporting potted plants. With a cleverly distressed finish, it will look like it’s been a part of your yard for decades.

And since it’s a piece of folding furniture, you can easily store it away when not in use. 

8. Garden Swing Chair

Now this elegant and enjoyable piece of furniture is sure to be the centerpiece of your outdoor space. 

First of all, it’s very difficult to ignore. The Oasis iron garden swing chair features a quaint Victorian design that is sure to turn heads and spice up your yard. 

As a swing chair, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy some time alone in the quiet and comfort of your backyard. Resistant to both weathering and rust, it’ll remain a unique part of your outdoor furniture for years to come. 

9. Metal Bistro Set

If you’re looking for a great bistro set, but you want it to be a little plainer and more understated, this set is for you. 

Especially if you’re interested in a more rustic and Victorian aesthetic, this iron-wrought set will liven up your yard. It consists of two folding metal outdoor chairs, which can be folded up and set aside when not in use or if more space is needed. 

The metal table comes in an attractive design, and it looks great in any yard or outdoor space. 

10. Rocking Garden Bench

This iron rocking bench is a great addition to your yard. 

It’s a sturdy, high-quality piece of metal furniture, and it comes in two finishes—bronze and antique white. And if a garden bench is a good element in any outdoor space, a rocking bench is just that much better. 

This rocking bench is comfortable and durable—you should prepare yourself to have to pry your guests away from it. 

Find Unique Outdoor Furniture for Your Yard

So that’s our list of some unique outdoor furniture ideas that are sure to liven up your favorite outdoor space. 

Of course, these are only a few of the great outdoor furniture pieces we have to offer. Be sure to peruse our site and look for new ideas that appeal to you. 

And don’t hesitate to contact us today, and see how we can help you find the right furniture for your outdoor areas. 

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