The Complete Guide to Outdoor Garden Decor

by | Dec 9, 2021

Are you ready to transform your outdoor into an oasis of your dreams? Don’t allow the plants and flowers in your garden have all the fun. Use some of these do-it-yourself garden decor tips for inspiration to add your own decorative touch.

We frequently believe that home decorating stops at the front door, porch, or patio. However, there are numerous ways to modify your outdoor garden into a magnificent, serene space that is distinctively yours.

Mother Nature does an excellent job of offering greenery and blooms. But there is always room for improvement by adding whimsical décor and intriguing garden accents. With only several key pieces and DIY garden undertakings, you can make your outdoor retreat completely unique.

Do you want your guest to appreciate all the little touches in your garden? Read on to learn some backyard decor ideas.

Use Ornaments as Finishing

Garden ornaments can change how you feel in your outdoor space. Some decorative ornaments you can consider; a tree-hung lantern, a curved bench, and a wrought iron gate.

When these ornaments are carefully placed, they are pretty and still practical. They are also effective in all four seasons. However, it would be best not to overdo them; garden ornaments can lose their luster in a colorful landscape.

Dress Your Garden Entrances

Even when the landscape is small, several spaces connected by passageways and a path can give your ordinary stroll a mysterious and expansive sense.

You can dress your garden entrances using iron arches and gates covered with vines.

Gates are important and mark a transition to different areas. You can also add potted bougainvillea, palms, or citrus trees at the entrances.

Mix Rustic With Contemporary Details

Transforming your outdoor garden is not about scrubbing every surface and filling in every crack.

You can change the outlook of your yard by including a little rustic. For instance, rust finished iron dining set can make an ideal lounge for cocktails and conversations.

Update Your Backyard With Pops and Bright Color

If your backyard is dull, you can consider turning it bright. One way to do so is by dressing your deck, patio, or balcony with colorful pots and birdhouses.

You can also consider adding colorful flowers that complement the color of the pots. To brighten your inexpensive flowers pots, you can use acrylic craft paints.

Consider DIY Project Like Window Box

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on window boxes that you can easily make.

Windows boxes add a charm to any window due to their vibrant and welcoming vibe. DIY boxes are inexpensive to build; all you need is wood and color that match your style. After the boxes are complete, add flowers, and you will have the best-looking windows.

Choose Colorful Furniture

It isn’t easy to enjoy your outdoor space without furniture fully. It is one of the starting points when decorating your garden.

Consider bright bistro sets; it is a reliable choice that looks great even from small gardens or balconies. Once you get your furniture, you can consider painting them with a finish that will endure in the outdoor environment.

Showcase Plant Collections

Apart from singling out your favorite plants for pots and pedestals, you can also group the containers and place them where they can be appreciated with the eyes.

Some of the plants you can place in pots for display include aeoniums, echeverias, agaves, senecio, among others. You can set the pots on a vintage pine table with painted chest drawers. The drawers should also be coated with a waterproof sealer.

Showcase Another Level of Lighting

Many landscapes become romantic after dark when the moon is glowing or well-light spotlight lamps illuminate the paths.

You can take the lighting in your yard to the next level by graciously hanging outdoor lanterns from the boughs of trees. You can also use tall street-style lamps to illuminate patios and roundabouts. All the lightings should also coordinate with the lights placed on your house’s exterior walls.

Consider a Water Fountain

Hearing water trickle in your garden will lure you to take a walk or explore.

Just like listening to music, you will want to track the sound source. You can consider some garden fountains like bubbling, pouring, and cascading fountains.

Use Plants as Ornaments

Certain plants are architectural in nature. They can be pruned to provide you with the shape you want.

Among the plants that will naturally give your garden a shape it deserves include; Italian cypresses that you can provide garden lines and Agave attenuate, a plant that tumbles around stone stairways and fountains.

Consider Nature Mimicking Furniture

If you want your garden to feel like nature, consider traditional garden furniture style.

A great outdoor experience you can have on earth is to explore natural wonders. Today, exterior designers are designing furniture inspired by nature. This combination brings a matching natural beauty to outdoor space.

Camp Under the Stars

You can transform your backyard into a summer garden for nature lovers.

A summer campout in your backyard is inexpensive. You only need to map and designate a corner, roll your sleeping bags, set strings of lights, and set up a fire pit where you can roast marshmallows.

Even grownups can love this idea.

Transform Your Garden Decor With These Styles

Garden decor ideas may be small but can bring a slight change, making a huge difference. Transforming your garden need not be costly. All you need is to create a personalized setting that matches your style.

At Lesera Co., we provide one-of-a-kind, iron-crafted garden furniture, accents, and decorations that will elevate your lawn and garden while staying within your budget. Whatever you want, we guarantee that it will live up to Lesera’s high standards of quality, beauty, and durability.

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