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Garden Decor: 7 Decoration Tips for Spring

by | Feb 11, 2022

Americans are spending more time outside in their yards and gardens than they did before the pandemic, with an average of 14 hours spent outside. Have you discovered a newfound love for your garden? Or do you live for spring to roll around again so you can spend time outdoors? Whatever the case, having the right garden decor can transform your outdoor space into a lovely oasis.

Here are some garden decor ideas to help inspire you as you prepare for warmer weather.

1. Create a Garden Entrance

A decorative garden structure like an archway adds a touch of whimsy and mystery to your garden. It creates a divide or a frame between two spaces, giving your garden a more official space outside. You’re telling people, “welcome to my garden.”

Wood and metal are two popular types of archway materials, but you can also create stone archways, plastic archways, bamboo arches, or whatever you want. There are plenty of choices on the market to fit every budget and every home.

Climbing vines, roses, and wisteria are some examples of plants that look particularly beautiful curling around a garden arch.

2. Hang Planters on the Fence

Why not make your fence more colorful and interesting by hanging planters? Decorative garden fencing is a popular trend among homeowners these days, and it can “expand” your garden space.

You have a few different options for planters. For instance, you might want to paint cans and hang them from fence posts. You could also buy planters designed to hang from a fence or create one out of old crates. Just make sure that all your planters have good drainage.

Another popular trend is vertical garden walls. You can obscure part of your fence or create a divide full of lush ivy and succulents.

3. Update Your Patio Furniture

If your garden furniture has seen better days, consider upgrading it. This is the perfect time to look into unique designs, such as structural furniture or a mosaic bistro set.

The right table and chairs can create the perfect place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or an afternoon cup of tea. Benches also look right at home in a garden area.

Maybe you want to invest in a garden swing and gently rock as you enjoy the outdoors. And don’t forget a table to set down your drink or book as you relax and soak up the sun.

Try to choose furniture that complements your natural surroundings. It can blend in or work with the natural landscape. White or earthy tones look very nice in the garden.

4. Add Decorative Garden Stones

No one said your garden had to be entirely grass and greenery. Adding decorative stones to the garden can add more texture and color or give your backyard a Japanese zen garden look.

You also might consider creating a stone pathway that winds throughout your garden. Stone paths are an easy DIY project that can really add to the appeal of your garden. You can opt for an irregular stone path to make it look older and more mysterious or a uniform stone walkway.

You can also place decorative stones with sayings on them or create some yourself.

5. Place Sculptures or Statues

Does your garden need a focal point? Unique garden decor can make your backyard space more special, and help you create a theme for your garden. For instance, a large iron birdcage or carriage can transform your garden into a whimsical, fairytale area.

If metal sculptures aren’t your thing, you could place stone statues in the garden. Angels and animals are popular sculpture subjects that people use in the garden, but you’re only limited by your imagination.

Take an old tree stump and plant flowers inside of it. Place a vintage bicycle in the garden and fill the basket with flowers. Make a fairy garden.

Place whatever you like in your garden!

6. Hang Lanterns From Tree Branches

One of the most important parts of your garden is the lighting, especially if you plan to spend time in your garden at night. Solar stake lights are an easy way to add some light to the garden, and they’re available in many different styles. You might want to place them along a stone pathway to illuminate it, for instance.

You should also layer your lighting to create a warm and welcoming effect. One of our favorite outdoor garden decor ideas is hanging lanterns from tree branches. At night, it looks like they’re floating, and they cast a warm glow perfect for the garden.

The easiest way to achieve this effect is to buy solar lanterns as they’ll automatically turn on when the sun goes down.

7. Place Birdhouses or Birdbaths

Birdhouses and birdbaths have been staples of garden decor for generations. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but your feathered friends will enjoy them as well.

This is an excellent way to encourage birds to stop by your garden. Birdfeeders are a great way to see different species, from sparrows to chickadees and more. Birds also feed on insects, which can help keep certain pests down in your backyard.

Another great benefit of birdfeeders is you’re replacing food sources that may have been destroyed by development.

Garden Decor to Spruce up Your Yard

Spring will be here before you know it, so it’s time to think about how to spruce up your garden for the season. Start by trying some of these garden decor ideas.

And don’t be afraid to experiment, adding your own touch to your garden decorations. In the end, it’s your space and a place for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

We have plenty of products perfect for your garden, many of which are one-of-a-kind and made by highly skilled craftsmen. Take a look at our lawn and garden decor to find that perfect piece.

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