A Guide to the Best Grinch Outdoor Decorations for This Winter

by | Aug 8, 2023

Can you believe it has been more than 65 years since the original Dr. Seuss book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, was first released?

Since then, there have been a handful of other Grinch-related books and even movies released. It has helped turn the Grinch into a staple of the holiday season.

If you’re someone who associates the holidays with the Grinch, you might want to invest in Grinch outdoor decorations to decorate the exterior of your home this Christmas. These Christmas decorations will make your house look so festive and get you right into the holiday spirit.

So, which Grinch outdoor decor should you purchase for the 2023 holiday season? There are plenty of options to choose from. We’re going to list some of these holiday decorations here so that you can begin putting together a collection of Christmas decor for the outside of your home ASAP.

Take a look at the best Grinch outdoor decorations for this winter below.

Window Decals

If you’d like to start off with something simple when it comes to Grinch outdoor decorations, you really can’t go wrong with window decals. Although they’ll technically be situated inside your home, they’ll be visible to everyone who walks or drives by your house, and they’ll set the right tone for it.

You can hang up any number of different window decals on the windows throughout your home. They’ll prove to be a great starting point when you’re gathering Grinch outdoor decorations together for the holiday season.

Door Covers

In addition to sticking Grinch window decals on the windows throughout your home, you might also want to pick up one of the many Grinch door covers for your home’s front door. It’ll obviously loom a lot larger than the window decals will and be even more visible to those who walk or drive by your house.

If you’re planning to go all-out with Grinch outdoor decorations this winter, you should definitely pick up a door cover that’ll steal the show. It’s another fantastic way to set the proper tone for your home when you’re getting it prepared for the holidays.


Do you want to transform your front yard into the majestic Whoville? Then you’re going to need to pick out some Grinch-themed signs and stick them all over the place on the lawn that sits out front of your house.

These signs will be very effective when it comes to making the front of your house look like a real-life Whoville. They’ll take all your Grinch outdoor decorations to the next level and let it be known that you’re a huge fan of the Grinch.

Fence Toppers

If you happen to have a fence somewhere in the front of your home, there are fence toppers you can buy that’ll make it appear as though the Grinch himself is peering over your fence. You can also find fence toppers that feature other Grinch characters you can hang up on your fence, too.

You might also be able to get away with putting these fence toppers on other things that are scattered throughout your yard. For example, you could strategically position fence toppers behind any bushes you might have up near your house to make it appear as though the Grinch is peering out from behind them.

You’re free to get as creative as you would like with fence toppers. They can be utilized for a variety of purposes when you’re putting up Grinch outdoor decorations.

Lamp Posts

A lot of the Grinch outdoor decorations that we’ve touched on thus far are going to help you set the scene in front of your house this Christmas. But now, it’s time to talk about some of the larger holiday decorations that’ll put your Grinch outdoor decor over the top.

It would be wise to stick a few Grinch-themed lamp posts throughout your front yard to bring your version of Whoville to life. They’ll add some lighting to your Christmas decor display while also injecting some energy into it.

You might also want to stick something like this Standing “Santa’s Mail” Christmas Mailbox With Light-Up Wreath near the walkway leading up to your home. While it’s not an official Grinch holiday decoration, it’ll fit in nicely and add a special touch to your outside decorations.


In this day and age, just about every outdoor holiday display needs at least one inflatable, if not more. And you’ll be in luck when you start shopping around for Grinch inflatables. There won’t be any shortage of options when you’re in the market for one.

You might want to go as far as to invest in inflatables for each of the major Grinch characters. You can scatter them throughout your front yard and shine a spotlight on each one to help your holiday display tell a story.

Life-Size Displays

If you get all the other Grinch outdoor decorations on this list, the front of your house is going to turn into the second coming of Whoville in no time. You might not even need to work a life-size Grinch display into the mix.

But if you want to make your front yard a true showstopper, a Grinch life-size display would be an amazing option. They even make Grinch life-size displays that’ll make it look like the Grinch is wreaking havoc on your home by ripping lights off it. It might be just what you need to make your Grinch holiday display truly magical.

Buy More Christmas Decor to Match Your Grinch Outdoor Decorations

Each of the Grinch outdoor decorations that we’ve discussed here will look incredible when you put them outside of your home. You shouldn’t hesitate to buy as many of them as you can.

But why stop there? Lesera specializes in making one-of-a-kind holiday decorations that’ll complement all your Grinch outside decorations nicely. You should shop around for a few that you’d like to work into your display and order them now so that they arrive well before the start of the holiday season.

Contact us if you have any questions about our Christmas decorations.

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