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9 Unique Garden Accents to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

by | Dec 9, 2023

Last year, about 80% of American households spent time working on their gardening projects. If you are one of these people, you understand the time, effort, and passion it takes to turn your garden into a success. It should be a unique reflection of who you are and your style. 

Elevate your outdoor space and help it stand out by adding garden accents. 

1. Outdoor Furniture 

You have spent time and energy working on making a beautiful outdoor space. You should enjoy it by adding outdoor furniture to your garden. A cafe table and chairs give you the perfect place to enjoy a coffee in the morning or an evening cocktail. 

A bench can give you a place to relax while you admire your hard work. A set of lounge chairs can give you a conversation spot when guests visit. 

The best place in your garden for furniture is a shady spot under a large tree. That way, you stay protected from the sun and stay cool. 

How to Choose Outdoor Furniture 

When choosing your outdoor furniture, consider the size and material. Outdoor furniture can be wood, rattan, wicker, plastic, or metal. It can be small and simple or oversized statement pieces. 

Keep durability in mind, as you want your furniture to withstand your garden’s climate. Wrought iron is incredibly durable and will give your garden a traditional feel. Teak is another durable material that will give your garden a coastal feel. 

Consider how you plan to use your furniture. If you do a lot of entertaining, you will want plenty of seating. If you want a more intimate space, a few chairs will work better than a large sofa. 

Finally, the style of your furniture needs to blend with your garden style.

2. Statuary

Adding sculptures to your garden is a perfect way to add visual interest. It can add visual symmetry by creating a focal point and breaking up the greenery. When decorating your garden statuary, think about the style and design of your garden. 

How to Choose Statuary

The statuary you add needs to complement the theme. For example, if you created a traditional English garden, you wouldn’t add an ultra-modern art sculpture. It would look out of place. 

These common garden styles can help you define your outdoor space. 

  • Cottage
  • Contemporary 
  • Traditional
  • French
  • Natural 
  • Japanese 
  • Coastal 
  • Mediterranean 
  • Tropical 
  • Formal

Look for decorations that will carry the theme of your garden. For example, a coastal garden would look beautiful with garden decor inspired by sea creatures or coastal birds. 

3. Gazebo

Adding a gazebo to your garden gives you an intimate space to enjoy your outdoor space. It can create an elegant focal point for your garden. Gazebos come in various sizes, designs, and styles, making it easy to find one that suits your garden. 

How to Choose a Gazebo

Start by measuring your garden to determine the gazebo size that fits. Then, choose a shape, such as round, square, hexagonal, oval, or rectangle. 

Your next choice is to decide on a material. Gazebos can be constructed of metal, wood, or PVC. Some also have fabric coverings or curtains. 

Finally, consider how you intend to use the gazebo. If you want to use it for entertaining, you will want plenty of seating. You will want shelving or countertop space if you use it for gardening. 

4. Plant Stands 

If the ground where you live is not conducive for growing your garden, you can use pots instead. This lets you control the soil quality. However, you do not want all of your plants at the same level sitting on the ground in pots. 

You need garden ideas with plant stands that will help you improve your garden. Add plant stands that will create different levels for your garden. Use plant stands that are of different heights and arrange them with shorter plant stands in front of taller ones. 

5. Tree Ornaments 

Do not forget about your trees when decorating your garden. You can decorate small and large trees as long as your trees have branches.

These elegant decorations will add pops of color and sparkle to your garden. Strung on fine lines, the decorations look like floating in the trees. 

6. Cart

Adding a garden cart to your outdoor space can be decorative and functional. Add potted plants and small statuary to it, and you have a creative display piece. Or you can use it as your mobile gardening cart that holds your gardening supplies. 

7. Wind and Rain Chimes 

Give your garden a unique touch by adding wind or rain chimes. These home decorations add a sensory element to your garden by creating a gentle sound. You can hang wind chimes from your home, tree, or gazebo. 

When the wind blows, or it rains, the chimes will make a gentle tinkling sound. Think of it as a custom soundtrack to your outdoor space. 

8. Bird Accessories 

If you have flowering plants or a vegetable garden, you know that attracting birds to your garden will be beneficial. You can do this by creating a bird habitat. 

Add a bird bath, birdhouses, and birdfeeders to your yard. Place them in quiet spaces where the birds will be safe to come and call your garden home.  

9. Holiday Themed Decorations 

Give your garden a seasonal touch by adding holiday-themed decorations. Add wall hangers to the outside of your home or trees. Add seasonal statuary that will bring the season’s flavor to your garden. 

Hang garland on railings, benches, or gazebos. Add solar lights that will illuminate the walkways or highlight the unique features of your garden. 

Elevate Your Yard With Garden Accents

Adding garden accents to your outdoor space can elevate its design. Statuary, carts, and tree ornaments add decorative elements to your garden. Furniture, gazebos, and plant stands add structural elements that create visual interest and symmetry. 

For unique and elegant garden decor, turn to Lesera Ltd. We proudly design and manufacture unique garden and home decor products. Each beautiful piece is crafted with care by skilled artisans. 

Elevate your garden by adding unique decor, furniture, and bird accessories. 

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