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Outdoor Garden Stakes

Making a garden an attractive space can have a real impact on how much time that you and your family will choose to spend in the garden. Having some attractive ornaments that add color or character to your garden will really help to brighten up the space, and make it a more pleasant place to spend time with friends or family. Our garden stakes are made with a high quality powder coated iron stake, and then topped with an ornament that is made with an attractive design that can be in a variety of materials and colors.

Garden Stakes With An Animal Design

We offer a range of different animal designs when it comes to garden stakes, with some of them looking to provide a realistic animal design, and others offering a more animated depiction of different animal species. These stakes can be in the shape of different birds, frogs or butterflies, along with several other species that can really add some interesting features to your garden. We also have stakes that are made with a clever rocking mechanism that can allow the bird statues on the top of each stake to rock back and forwards.

Acrylic Garden Stakes

Our acrylic stakes are a great way to add a splash of vibrant color to any yard, garden or outdoor space, and they can be bought in a set of six or purchased individually. There are several different types of design for these acrylic stakes, which include a hummingbird, dragonfly and butterfly, and are available in a range of different colors. These beautiful stakes are also made with acrylic that has color infused through it, rather than being painted, which allow it to catch the light and send beams of differently colored light through parts of your garden too.

Birdhouse Garden Stakes

Attracting birds to your garden can be one of the ways to bring the space a little more life, and our range of birdhouse stakes are topped with small areas where the bird can move in and out or even create a nest there. Our birdhouses are beautifully decorated in a rustic style, and are made with iron so they are durable and resilient. The bird houses are available in a variety of designs, with some providing some rather spacious accommodation for the birds that visit your garden.

Workmanship And Quality Of All Our Items

One of the watchwords at Lesera is quality, and all of our craftsmen work hard to deliver designs that are attractive and that stand out from the usual run of the mill decorations that you can buy elsewhere. We are also very proud of the durability of the items we produce, so you can be confident of purchasing goods that will have a long lifespan as well as being very well made. We also offer free and fast shipping to all 50 states of the United States, so if you are looking to add some color or character to your garden, Lesera’s range of garden stakes is a great way to do so.

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