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Outdoor Birdhouses, Birdbaths and Birdfeeders

Having a thriving natural atmosphere in your garden is something that can really add interest and life to the space, and one of the great ways to attract birds to your garden is by having suitable garden furniture for them. We have a range of beautifully designed birdhouses and birdbaths that can draw birds to your garden, offering them a space to groom themselves and a potential nesting spot as well. Whatever the types of bird life that are active in the area around your property, we will have some attractive options that could help draw them to your garden.

The Advantages Of Attracting Birds To Your Garden

Having bird families active around your property can bring several advantages, especially because many of the native bird species in the United States are attractive to watch. They can also add some life to the garden, and give you a focal point that you can enjoy as you are sitting in the garden. Along with being an attractive addition to the space, birds can also add the beautiful birdsong to your garden, depending on the species that ends up nesting in the birdhouses that you install in your outdoor space.

Birdhouses And The Different Designs

Our range of birdhouses begin with the smaller birdhouses with one entrance point that can allow for a bird to nest there with her young, which are generally smaller. We also have larger birdhouses that are split into several different spaces with different entrances to the bird house. This is ideal for attracting larger bird families or groups to the garden, and are also very interesting and attractive to watch as well. All of our birdhouses are made from iron and are attractive decorated with natural features such as branches or leaves that help to make them beautiful as well as practical.


A beautiful birdbath can be a great addition to your garden, and Lesera has smaller and shallower birdbaths that are more likely to attract smaller birds, along with larger and deeper birdbaths to attract larger species. These standalone birdbaths are a great talking point to the garden, as well as being practical for attracting birds to the area around your property. Be sure to change the water regularly to give yourself the best chance of attracting local birds to your garden or outdoor space.

Design And Craftsmanship Of Our Products

As with all of the products that are on offer through the Lesera website, our range of birdhouses and birdbaths are made with high quality powder coated iron, and have been tested for their durability. Our craftsmen have also taken pride in adding little details and making sure that each item is attractive and that it will be a great addition to any outdoor space or garden. Lesera also offers free shipping throughout the nation, so wherever you are in the country, we can get a new bird house or birdbath to you in quick time delivered by one of our couriers.

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