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Unique Home & Garden Decor Ideas – Outdoor Living Structures

Outdoor Living Structures

If you have a larger garden, or are looking for a more dramatic piece that will really bring character and interest to your garden, then our range of outdoor living structures can be ideal for your outdoor space. We use powder coated iron and other high quality materials to give you a range of structures that include gazebos, antique look flower carts and some other fascinating designs to bring a real interest point to the garden.

Our Stunning Iron Gazebos

Having an attractive gazebo in your garden can offer a real focal point, and can give you an opportunity to make a real display feature that will naturally draw attention from visitors and neighbors. These attractive iron structures are beautifully designed with a range of patterns and decorative elements, and have a lovely dome roof that is ideal for growing vines or even a delicate string of fairy lights to illuminate it at night. We offer these stunning gazebos in a Verdi green, antique white, frosted blue or bronze finish depending on the design, and can ship them directly to your home to transform your garden or outdoor space.

Antique Style Iron Flower Carts

If you love to grow flowers in the garden, then it is definitely worth considering one of our flower carts, as these can offer a wonderful practical way of displaying your flowers and the fruits of your gardening work. While flower beds will generally be at ground level, a flower cart allows you to display several different flower plants together, and also at different levels which makes for a beautiful decorative feature. All of our flower carts are made from a durable powder coated iron, and are designed with a beautiful rustic style, and available in a range of finishes.

Other Outdoor Living Designs

We also have a range of other outdoor living designs that can have a dramatic impact to your garden, and one of these is our garden gates. These beautiful gates and accompanying portal also have a plant stand to each side of the gate as well, and are ornately decorated with leaves and flourishes in the metalwork. These are available in light blue, copper brown and antique white. Another item worth considering, especially if you are looking for a dramatic feature that will really come to life when dusk comes, is our Ferris wheel which has 8 lanterns in the design, and are absolutely spectacular when they are illuminated.

What To Expect From These Products

When it comes to our outdoor living structures, they can offer a really interesting feature for your garden, but are also built to last so they will be a feature there for years to come. Our craftsmen have taken pride in using the highest quality materials in producing these items, and the design is made to be very striking and attractive. We also work hard to get your items to you quickly and easily, and while some may require some simple assembly, they are easy to put together and can transform your garden in one swift stroke.

Unique Home and Garden Decor
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