Unique Home & Garden Decor Ideas – Outdoor Planters and Plants Stands

Outdoor Planters And Plant Stands

Having an item that can both be practical and decorative at the same time is ideal if you are looking to update the look of your garden or outdoor space, and our planters and plant stands are perfect for this purpose. Our team of craftsmen have worked hard to develop our range of planters and plant stands, and have used a variety of different styles and materials to offer something that will suit every taste. And as with everything that you purchase from Lesera, all of these items come with free shipping wherever you are in the United States.

Animal Design Planters

Taking their cues from the natural world with animals that are commonly found around domestic properties, our range of animal planters are galvanized and offer attractive depictions of different species. These can actually be used indoors or outdoors, and as well as cats, dogs and chickens, there are also more exotic animals such as an elephant or a flamingo in the range as well. Each of these planters has a small plant pot that can be removed to make it easy to place the flower or foliage plant into the planter. They can also be bought individually or as a set of six planters.

Iron Plant Stands

If you are looking for something a little larger to show off your flowers and plants, we also have several other types of plant stands that will allow you to display larger floral displays, or several plant pots on different levels. These are available in several designs including an antique style bicycle, as a wheelbarrow or even in antique carts that have a handle and moving wheels as well.  Whichever of these options catch your eye, then can have a real impact and display the fruits of your labor in the garden wonderfully.

How Our Planters Enhance Your Garden

Planters are a great option whether you are working in a small space and do not have too much space in which to grow flowers or plants, or if you have a large garden with a reasonable sized space to work with, but want to add a feature. With small gardens, planters can provide attractive features that are low maintenance but still attractive and giving you a splash of green and color for you to admire. For larger gardens, our planters and plant stands can give you some focal points in which to show off the best of your blooms, while the plant stands can allow you to display flowers vertically, alongside the flowerbeds in the garden.

Planters With Craftsmanship And Quality

When it comes to all of our items, our craftsmen have worked hard in delivering designs that are not only attractive but are of high quality as well, so that they will really add an attractive touch of class to your yard or garden. Using durable materials such as galvanized iron also means that your planters will be adding an interesting feature to your garden or outdoor space for many years to come.

Unique Home and Garden Decor
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