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Unique Home & Garden Decor Ideas – Outdoor statuary

Outdoor Statuary

If you are looking for a way to add brightness and interest to your garden, then there are plenty of alternatives to digging up your flowers and then planting different varieties. Lesera’s range of garden statuary has some beautiful and practical items that can instantly add an interesting feature that will help your garden or outdoor space to look at its very best. The statuary options are depictions of animals or birds that will give a natural theme to your garden, with some items offering a life-like option, and others being more fun depictions of animals.

Polyresin Solar Animals

Our attractive range of solar animals are an ideal way of livening up your garden, while also providing an illumination option for when you are spending time in the yard or garden in the evening. During the day the solar animals are absorbing the sunlight and storing the energy, and once the sun goes down then you can switch on the LED lights to provide an interesting source of lights. There are a range of different animals that have been crafted into sets of three solar animals, including cats, dogs, birds and frogs, but the set of three owls in sweaters and spectacles are particularly interesting.

Animal Statuary Designs

Our more traditional statuary offers some wonderful depictions of different bird species, including some absolutely spectacular colorful items that include acrylic in the materials to really offer a rainbow of color. Among the birds that are depicted in our statuary are peacocks, with some including their tail feathers on display, and these would make a wonderful center point for any flower garden. For a more rustic atmosphere, we also have bird statuary including roosters that are still very attractive, but can give your garden more of a farmyard atmosphere.

How Our Statuary Can Enhance Your Garden

While many people will have different styles to their garden, it isn’t always possible to keep live animals in the garden, so our life-like models and the more animated items can help to bring a touch of fauna to accompany the flora in the garden. The animal statuary can also work very well with flowers, to give the appearance of animals walking in between your plants or flower beds, while they can also brighten up a lawn as well. With the illuminating eyes, our solar animals can also help to make your garden a space in which you can spend more time, illuminating the area even when the sun has gone down.

High Quality Materials And Craftsmanship

When you purchase items from Lesera, you can be confident that it has been crafted with care and attention by one of our expert craftsmen, who will have taken time and effort to ensure that your new item of outdoor statuary is of very high quality. We also ensure that all of our items are made with the highest quality of materials, so that your beautiful piece of statuary will be brightening your garden for many years to come, without losing its luster.

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