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How to Create Your Own Dazzling Christmas Garden

by | Nov 17, 2020

Did you know that the average household spends around $1,000 on Christmas decorations?

Add that to what you spend on gifts and on the feast you’ll cook, and you’ll end up with quite the sum. What’s great is that they’re worth all the investments since the outcome is beautiful when you look at your house from across the street.

However, there’s a good chance that all the other houses in the neighborhood will look similar to yours. If you want a unique twist on Christmas decor, then making a Christmas garden is your best bet. There’s zero chance other houses will have the same design because we’ll teach you how to make your own dazzling garden.

Read on to learn how to create a holiday garden that’s sure to impress. Make your house the bell of the ball with these tips today!

Make Your Own Snowmen

The best part about creating a Christmas garden is that you can create everything you’ll put in there. This is most beneficial for any snowmen that you want to include in your garden. It’s best to steer away from snow as it will melt quickly if you plan to use the venue for a garden party.

Create your own snowmen using whatever you can get your hands on, instead. A good material to use as a substitute is wood as it’s inexpensive and easy to work with. You can paint them white and paint on their faces, too.

You can then add more accessories to them. Consider using burlap sacks to fashion some bonnets for them. Prop them all over your garden and place lights near them to draw attention to your wooden friends.

Go For Oversized Ornaments

There’s no better way to make it feel like Christmas than by leaving giant holiday balls all over the place. These are easy to make and will be fun additions to the garden. You can hang them on the ceiling or you can leave them on the ground, and they’ll still brighten up the place.

Don’t stop with giant Christmas tree ornaments, add some gigantic candy canes, too! They’re great at completing the look of any element in the garden, and they’re also good Christmas decorations on their own.

If you want to improve on these decorations, drill a hole and insert some lights in them. This way, they can serve as decorations and sources of light.

Wrap Trees With Christmas Lights

If you have trees in your garden, it can pose a problem when decorating. They’ll take up much space and will make it harder to position your other decorations. You can use them to your advantage, though, by wrapping them with lights.

Start by wrapping the base with some LED lights and go up every time you go halfway around the tree. Doing this makes the tree bright enough to attract a lot of attention in the garden. You can then use this to put most of your decorations around it.

Doing this makes the tree the center of attention at the party and puts a lot of focus on your other decor. It’s also a good way to create a makeshift Christmas tree for your garden party. 

Throw On Wreaths Everywhere

A good way to add a touch of the Christmas feeling to your garden is to hang wreaths everywhere. You often find them hung on doors, but people won’t get to see them again until they leave your home.

So, the best way to add these elements to your garden is to hang them on or around light fixtures. This way, they’re more noticeable and will make the area more elegant.

Orbs, Orbs, and More Orbs

There’s a certain appeal to orbs that make people associate it with Christmas. This is good news for you, as it means you have more decoration for your garden. You can create orbs made out of wires and lights to add a more rustic touch to the area.

You can even weave string lights together to make an orb to display. Like the giant ornaments, they go well in groups or as a stand-alone decorative fixture. They can even make for great porch decorations if you gather them in a small bunch on the ground.

Cover Up Any Foreign Element in the Garden

Before you invite people to your garden, make sure that everything is ready for them. While doing this, you may see that there are some elements that you can’t get rid of. Things like external PVC pipes can stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the holiday vibe.

If you can’t get rid of them, give them a makeover, instead! You can wrap them up with some red and white tape to make them look like candy canes.

Are there concrete blocks that are too heavy to move in the way? Cover them with some tape and turn them into presents! These will give you more decorations and will make the venue more Christmas-y.

Light Up the Pathway

Of course, you’re likely to have a gathering at night. This means that anything that isn’t lit up will be the darkest areas in your garden. To prevent people from knocking into something, light up the path for them.

A good way to do this is by using mason jars filled with candles or wired lights. These will help people keep on the path and prevent any accidents like trips and such.

Create a Dazzling Christmas Garden Today

You need not content yourself with the generic decorations that will cause your home to look like all the others in the street. Opt for unique decorations, instead, and make your home the envy of all. What better way to do this than by creating a Christmas garden, so plan one out today!

Are you looking for more ideas to make the holidays more inviting? Check out more of our guides and posts to get inspiration from them. You can also contact us here if you’re looking for decorations to suit your new holiday garden!

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