10 Beautiful Ways to Use Solar Animals for Garden Decor

by | Dec 11, 2020

Just in the past year, the solar energy industry has grown by 14%.

The increase in renewable energy not only helps us go greener, but it can improve everyone’s personal life as well. Installing solar energy panels can help you cut down on energy costs, and solar panels require little to no maintenance once installed.

Not only can solar energy be practical, but it can also be cute. Harness the power of the sun to decorate your outside space. 

Are you in need of ideas on how to do this? You’re in the right spot. Keep reading to discover 10 ways to use solar animals for garden decor. 

1. Create a Fairy Garden

Whether it’s for the kids or for your own magical enjoyment, use solar lights to create a fairy garden escape. Don’t forget the fairy dust!

Start by selecting a more secluded part of your backyard, or you can just use an area you enjoy being in. Once you have an area picked out, decide how you want your fairy garden to look.

Do you want colorful chairs or a small, iron bench? Do you want big, colorful plants or a large tree? 

After everything is set up, create a stone path leading to your garden. Light up the path and garden using solar animals. You can even buy lights in the shapes of butterflies and stars.

2. Light Up the Kid’s Play Area

We all know the kids could use a little bit of fresh air to play in. If we are being honest, we can use a break from them making a mess in the living room. 

Grab some solar lights to brighten up their play areas in the garden. You can place lights around their swing set, and you can use lights to create parameters for them to play inside. 

As an extra fun idea, have a dinner picnic with your kids to experience the new lights! Your kids will love their new animal friends. 

3. Create a Christmas Wonderland

With the holiday season happening, there’s no better time to create a Christmas garden than now. Make it a family event by asking everyone to come help decorate. 

Buy string lights to wrap around any trees in the garden, and hang oversized plastic ornaments on the bushes. Scope out some large snowflakes to hang from tree branches to truly create a winter wonderland. 

Use solar garden lights to add bursts of light to your Christmas garden. It’ll be gorgeous at night. 

4. Brighten Up Your Trees 

You probably love catching lightning bugs with the kids. Why not always have lightning bugs around?

Purchase a handful of solar lightning bug lights to strategically place in your trees, around the flowers, and along your garden path. You may not be able to put these kinds of lightning bugs in a jar, but they are just as fun. 

5. Host a Dazzling Backyard Event

In many cases, less is more. You don’t need a local DJ and carnival games to host a memorable backyard event. All you need is good food, the perfect playlist, and beautiful backyard lighting. 

Start by setting up some tables and chairs in your backyard and garden area. Bring out the speaker, and turn on a crowd favorite. Add the finishing touch by illuminating the area with solar-powered path lights and string lights.

6. Set Up a Safer Environment

It’s hard to see concrete or stone steps in the dark of night. Use solar animal lights to create a safer environment for you and your family. 

There are several ways in which you can improve backyard and garden safety. Place lights along the fence to establish parameters. Install lights in any steps to prevent trips and falls. 

If you often have to take your pup out at night, use lights to create a path for you and your furry friend. Your dog will think the decorations are just for them!

7. Turn Up the Romance

You and your partner have been craving some time to yourself. Work has gotten the best of both of you. 

Create a romantic environment with soft lighting by purchasing beautiful solar animal lights. Place them strategically around your garden, and grab a chilled bottle of champagne. 

Now all you need is a couple of glasses and a blanket. 

8. Create Peek-a-Boos

Even if you have no serious need for solar animal lights, use them to create entertaining peek-a-boo moments in your garden. 

Hide a lighted chipmunk on the branch of a tree. Place a glowing bird on your favorite bench. It’s a game of I Spy every time someone visits your garden. 

You can even list the lights and have your children find them as a scavenger hunt activity. 

9. Cut Down on Costs

Are you trying to save extra money? A great way to cut down on costs is by replacing all of your electric lights in your garden with solar animals. 

Not only are they adorable, but you’ll have more money to put into your savings account. 

10. Remember Past Loved Pets

If you’ve been searching for a special way to remember your past furry friends, create small memorials in your garden. 

Purchase a solar-powered animal light that reminds you of your past pet. Place it in a special spot in your garden. For an extra special touch, order a personalized engraved stone to place by the light. 

Now, every time you sit in your garden, you’ll have a little piece of your best friend with you. 

Does Your Garden Need a Makeover? Try Using Solar Animals for Garden Decor

Solar animals for garden decor are the best things to help your garden glow. You don’t have to worry about plugging them in because they absorb energy from the sun throughout the day.

Use solar animals to save money on electric costs, decorate a fairy garden, or to create a fun environment for the kids. They can also be used as a special memorial for some old pals. 

Are you looking to purchase some decorations for the yard, including solar lights? Check out the rest of our site, and contact us with any questions. 

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