How to Design a Perfect Fairytale Cottagecore Garden

by | Jan 11, 2022

America is a nation of gardens. 30% of American households have bought at least one houseplant. Once people grow plants indoors, they head outside. 

But very few gardens are alike. You can experiment with many different garden ideas. Growing a cottagecore garden will let you become a truly creative gardener. 

What is a cottagecore garden, and what design concepts govern cottagecore? What kinds of plants should you grow? How can you add walkways and furniture to your garden? 

Answer these questions and you can create a true fairytale garden in your backyard. Here is your quick guide.

Remember Garden Design Concepts

As the name suggests, cottagecore garden ideas create gardens that mimic an idealized countryside environment. Vintage cottagecore gardens adhere to 18th-century and 19th-century garden designs. Fairytale gardens are more fantastical and elaborate. 

But even fantastical designs should adhere to great garden design principles. Your garden should follow a logical order. You should repeat plants in a manner that creates symmetry. 

You can achieve harmony by limiting your color palette and repeating plants in strategic ways. Do not just drop plants in random areas. Place plants next to each other so you develop focal points for the eye to fall on.

Yet you want to keep the eye moving. You can create transitions through juxtapositions of size. As you move your eye from left to right, you want to see gradually larger plants. 

Plant Flowers

When people think of fairytales, they often think of flowers. Roses and cherry blossoms offer strong colors and textures. 

If you have a building adjacent to your garden, you can plant flowers against the building. As the flowers grow, they make it seem like they are crawling up the walls. This adds a dreamlike and surreal appearance to your garden. 

Try to create a mix of colors. Look at the color wheel and plant flowers of complementary colors next to each other. 

Grow Some Herbs

Cottagecore isn’t just about aesthetics. The key to the lifestyle is to create a garden that is of practical use to you. Most gardeners like to grow vegetables or edible flowers. 

But these plants can make a garden seem a little too realistic. You can maintain the fairytale vibe by growing herbs instead. They look exotic and yet are easy to use in a variety of recipes. 

The mint family of plants offers strong colors and incredible scents. If you want a darker color, you can grow purple lavender plants. Sage plants also create light blue and purple colors, and they work well in savory dishes.

Try planting some herbs in the soil. If this is too difficult, you can put some plants in pots and jars. Using second-hand pots can add a rustic and traditional appearance to your garden. 

Plant a Colorful Tree

Trees are common across many fairytales and children’s stories. Planting a big tree in the center of your garden can remind visitors of stories they used to read. It also creates a focal point and shady area for your guests. 

Do not just pick a random tree. You should find one that produces fruits you want to eat and/or strong colors. An apple tree can work well.

Make sure you plan your garden around your tree. Figure out how tall the tree will get and how big its roots will be. Leave plenty of space for the roots to grow and the branches to extend outward. 

If a tree in the center of your garden would take up too much space, you can put one off to the side. You can grow a tree on the boundary of your property, but you should get approval from your neighbor. Be careful when trimming branches and maintaining the tree.

Opt for Natural Stone

Your garden does not have to be filled with plants. A winding pathway can create a traditional aesthetic and summon stories about long journeys. If you want a place to rest at one end of your garden, you can create a path to it with a long walkway. 

The best material for a walkway and patio is natural stone. It makes surfaces seem aged, as though people have used them for thousands of years. Look for limestone and granite in particular.

Repurpose Furniture

Furniture is the most underrated part of a fairytale garden. It can add statement pieces and make your garden feel liveable. 

This is especially the case if you repurpose old pieces of furniture. Take a look at your old chairs and tables and see if you can move them outside. Add some patterned fabric to your cushions and tablecloths to make your furniture seem rustic. 

It is okay if you don’t have any chairs or tables you can use. You should learn about where to buy cottagecore furniture. You can also buy vintage garden furniture from a retailer. 

If you want to add decorations, you should follow a guide to outdoor garden decor. You should place decorations strategically, using them to add pops of color and create exciting entrances. 

Create Your Perfect Cottagecore Garden 

A cottagecore garden can turn your backyard into a fantasy landscape. Don’t forget about garden design principles like harmony and transition. 

Plant a combination of beautiful flowers and delicious herbs. See if you can grow a tree in the middle of your garden. 

If you want to add pathways, install ones made out of natural stone. Make the pathway winding and place a patio at the end of it. Add repurposed furniture to your patio. 

But feel free to add new pieces of beautiful and comfortable furniture. Lesera offers premium garden furniture at affordable prices. Browse our collections today.

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