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Designing a Home Meditation Garden

by | Jun 10, 2022

When was the last time that something in your life sparked joy? Was it the fleeting endorphin bump of a package delivery? Be honest: how long did that sense of contentment last? 

Instead of fading, what if that feeling of peace could settle into your bones? 

When you have a space where you can bathe in the wonders of nature, joy doesn’t have to be fleeting. Each day, new individuals are embracing the practice of mindfulness. You can capture the calm for yourself when you design a home meditation garden right in your backyard. 

A meditative outdoor space allows visitors to use their senses to reconnect with their bodies. You can visit the garden daily to destress, decompress, and find your center.

Do you know what you need to create a natural sanctuary? We’ve created this guide full of calming, aesthetic ideas to get you started. Read on to learn how to build an oasis of calm steps away from your home. 

Creating a Sensory-Rich Environment

Mindfulness is a practice, not an activity. It becomes easier when you have designed a space that allows you to engage several senses at the same time. We call these spaces “sensory-rich environments.”

A sensory-rich outdoor garden engages the sense of hearing, smell, sight, and touch. Fruit and vegetable gardens may even offer things to taste! We’ve provided some ideas to help bring each of the senses into your garden so you can inspire calm and connection every day. 

The Sense of Sound

Are you familiar with sound baths? Sound bathing is a meditative practice that allows individuals to notice the effect of sound waves on their bodies. While sound baths are communal experiences, you can replicate them by mindfully and intentionally introducing sources of relaxing sound to your outdoor space. 

Consider adding the following elements to your garden to bring a sense of sound to your visitors:

  • A water feature, such as a small, babbling waterfall
  • A set of wind chimes
  • rain chain
  • A bird feeder to encourage birdsong 
  • A gravel path that makes a crunching sound when stepped on
  • Bamboo or other plants that rustle pleasantly in the breeze
  • A wooden walkway that echoes underfoot

Imagine walking down a crunchy gravel walkway while listening to rustling plants, birdsong, and the gentle sound of chimes. Stroll down your calming wooden path as you circle your softly bubbling water feature. We bet you can already feel your shoulders beginning to unclench! 

The Sense of Smell

Aromatherapy isn’t just a fad. Calming, pleasant natural scents provide a way to forge a connection with the natural world around you. Incorporating smell into your meditation garden offers an escape from the world of abrasive chemicals and artificial scents. 

To add the sense of smell to your meditation oasis, consider including the following elements:

  • Aromatic floral plants such as lavender or roses
  • Herbs that produce scent when touched, like basil or lemon balm
  • A clean gutter and functioning drainage system
  • Lanterns with scented candles 

A range of pleasantly pungent plants is the best way to bring the sweetest smells into your space. Be sure to space the most fragrant plants a distance apart. It’s easy to overwhelm the senses! 

Encourage guests and visitors to touch the plants to experience nature’s perfume.

The Sense of Sight

Sight is a simple sense to engage. Fill your garden with beautiful and unique things for visitors to notice and explore. Some of those things can be natural, while others might allow you to add a personal artistic touch. 

If you want to create a visually stunning space, look into incorporating some of the following:

  • Native plants to attract colorful pollinators
  • A bird feeder to encourage birds to visit
  • Trees that flower or produce fruiting bodies
  • An arbor
  • A gazebo with planters to add visual interest and color with house plants
  • Statues 
  • Prisms or reflective decor 
  • A fairy garden or fairy door
  • Hanging lights or lanterns for evening strolls 

Any visually stimulating lawn decor adds a meditative element to your outdoor space. Think of it as an intimate sculpture garden. The right outdoor art invites guests to view the landscape around them in brand new ways. 

The Sense of Touch

What could be more grounding than experiencing an unexpected texture brushing against the skin? The plants and design elements you choose can encourage visitors to interact with the space. The more absorbed you become by the environment, the more relaxed you will be!

Here are a few ways to bring the sense of touch into a meditation garden:

  • Plant tall grasses that brush against the legs
  • Include plants with fuzzy leaves like lambs’ ear
  • Plant trees that produce texturally compelling seed pods
  • Plan an area filled with smooth pebbles
  • Incorporate sand to suggest a “zen” area

Some plants invite visitors to reach out and touch them. Their unique textures are magnetic and invite interaction. Choose hearty plants to ensure they can hold up to this mindful exploration!

Seating in a Meditation Garden

A broader goal for your meditation garden should be to inspire comfort. Think of it as an outdoor man cave! What kind of seating can you bring in to invite visitors to settle in, stay a while, and take in the sensory stimuli around them? 

Here are a few seating ideas that encourage visitors to linger in comfort:

  • Well-placed benches
  • Covered gazebos
  • A bistro-style table and chairs
  • A swing
  • A hammock
  • Natural rattan furniture 

Be sure to strike a balance between comfort and aesthetics. A visually inviting piece of furniture draws visitors to sit, but comfort encourages them to stay! Choose shady locations with beautiful views. 

Embrace Mindfulness in Your Backyard

When was the last time you enjoyed your backyard? When you design a home meditation garden with mindfulness at the forefront, you’ll be curating a relaxing space that you’ll return to again and again. With high-quality, sensory-engaging products from Lesera, mindfulness will become second nature. 

While the task of reinventing your garden might seem overwhelming, it’s easy when you take it one step at a time. Visit our online collection to find the piece that will kickstart your at-home mindfulness journey. Your first step toward relaxation begins when your new garden decor arrives on your doorstep! 

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