The Best Way to Hang a Birdhouse, Explained

by | Jul 4, 2022

Did you know there are over 34 common bird species found in the average American garden? Of course, you’ll occasionally get something unique, but you can trust these feathery friends to make an appearance now and then.

What better way to welcome them in than with some of the best birdhouses money can buy? 

However, with all the different types of birdhouses out there, it can certainly be overwhelming trying to decide on one, never mind having to consider how to hang a birdhouse in your garden.

If this sounds familiar, then keep reading to learn what the best way to hang a birdhouse is.

Benefits of Birdhouses

Whether you’re building a birdhouse yourself or installing a gorgeous creation, birdhouses have an interesting and timeless appeal. We sometimes call them nesting boxes, and they were previously made from clay, thin aluminum, wood, and other organic materials. 

With the help of these handy homes, your feathered companions will always have a safe and comfortable space to come back to. But there are some other interesting benefits to having a birdhouse in your home! Let’s look:

  • Pest control
  • Pollination
  • Weed Control
  • Education
  • Conservation
  • Stress Relief

Some of these are certainly more obvious than others. We all know the sound of birdsong on a stressful day has certain calming effects, but did you know birdhouses promote pollination and weed control? Some birds, like hummingbirds and other species, feed on flower nectar, which promotes further pollination because the flowers continue to bloom and produce more. 

Birds like sparrows, finches, and towhees all eat weed seeds, which makes them ideal for controlling pesky garden plants. Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that these creatures are also avid hunters of spiders, aphids, and even small rodents, meaning you’re less likely to encounter any nasty surprises behind your cupboards.

And while all of this is great, it’s important to know what goes into hanging a birdhouse, as well as some of the best ways to hang a birdhouse in your garden. There are some vital things to consider.

What to Consider When Hanging a Birdhouse

Many birders and even casual bird lovers will go to great lengths to choose a birdhouse that is appropriately sized and designed, in just the right color for their preferred cavity-nesting species

However, if it’s not mounted and placed properly, even the nicest house won’t draw birds in. When you’re deciding how to hand a birdhouse, you’ll need to take several distinct things into account.

Choosing a Spot

The house should ideally be located in a quiet spot that is a little away from any feeders or bird baths. This extra activity only acts as a stressor for already anxious parents. Try to choose low-traffic areas with a calm environment. That means not where your dog plays fetch every day! 

You also want to avoid clustering houses together, as most birds prefer to build their nests away from other birds.  

Mounting Mechanism

You want to ensure you’re taking the home’s safety and security into account, and how it’s mounted plays a significant role in this. 

Some species may not prefer hanging varieties, but do your research and see what birds you want to attract to your space. When you know that, consider how you want to mount your birdhouse. You can use ropes, hooks, wires, and even chains, as some birds don’t mind a little of swaying. 


Varying species prefer different heights for their nests, depending on the environment. Feral cats and other predators are less likely to attack higher dwellings that aren’t necessarily linked to a climbable surface, but they can be trickier to mount and keep an eye on. 

Take your space into consideration, the potential dangers the birds may face, and how you can use height to make it easy to get to, monitor, and build.


If you live in a wet environment, we advise you to put your birdhouse somewhere protected. On the same note, if you live somewhere especially hot, opt for a cool, shady position. You can also help shield delicate hatchlings by pointing the entrance hole away from the direction your strongest winds come from.

Cleaning and Monitoring

No matter what species uses the house, a birder must have easy access to the structure to clean and monitor it properly. If you need a stool or ladder to see inside, mount it above solid and level ground.

The Best Way to Hang a Birdhouse

Whether you’ve bought a hanging birdhouse or one mounted on a tree, you’ll need to consider the different ways to hang or mount them. It’s not a complicated process, and if you follow the guidelines above, you’ll have many gorgeous birds coming to visit. This is especially ideal if you’re trying to build a home meditation garden.

First, let’s talk about the different kinds, and how to hang or mount them.

A Pole House

One of the ideal places to mount a birdhouse is on a pole. Predators like snakes, cats, squirrels, and others have a difficult time climbing up to the birdhouse. Most predators will struggle even more with a metal pole. If you’re looking at a pole house, consider your mounting hardware. 

For metal poles, you’ll want a mounting flange. For 4×4 posts and metal T-posts, consider mounting brackets.

Tree Trunks

Tree trunks can be a great way to offer a secure foundation for a birdhouse, but keep in mind that most predators can easily scale tree trunks. To deter them, make the entrance hole nice and small and difficult to get into for larger animals. 

You can either use a nail or screw to secure the house or use wire and synthetic twine to attach your birdhouse to the tree.

Hanging From a Tree

For a hanging birdhouse, you’ll want to use wire, rope, or chain. However, to combat large, swinging movements, keep the chain relatively short. You’ll likely get more visitors this way, as any excessive movement won’t put them off.

Invite Peace Into Your Garden

Understanding the best way to hang a birdhouse is situational for every garden. However, when you understand the particular wants and needs of the most common bird species in your area, you’ll have a much easier time working out where to put it, how to secure it, and what you can do to keep it safe! 

We have birdhouses to suit every style and purpose, from gorgeous hanging iron houses to antique condo-style stake homes. Come check out what we have today and let the birds sing!

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