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Using Garden Decor to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

by | Oct 14, 2022

Spending time outdoors can reduce cortisol levels. It boosts your well-being and lowers your risk of all kinds of diseases. So why don’t we do it more often?

Modern life sees us stuck behind desks and under fluorescent lighting. Few of us lack the time to connect with nature.

You can bring Philadelphia’s nature to your home with garden decor. Well-designed garden space is your natural retreat on your doorstep.

But how do you use garden decor in your outdoor space? It can be hard to know where to start, and where does everything go, anyway?

We have a guide full of garden decor ideas. Read on and let’s get started!

Get Rustic With Vintage Garden Decor

Pull out some old stepladders, plant pots, and even gardening tools. The rustic look never fails to charm. Make sure your vintage garden decor matches the rest of your outdoor garden decor. 

You can use old wooden shelves as plant holders. Paint your items to refresh them or sand them down to add to their worn charm.

Old wood will enjoy a quick coat of varnish to keep the moisture out. You want old-world charm, not rotten wood!

Keep the Sun Off Your Back

We all love the sun, but too much of a good thing is, well, bad. Set up parasols by your seating areas. Choose designs that match your color scheme.

Are parasols not your thing? You can create shade with awnings made from sheets, sails, or even old tent fabrics. Hang them between two corners, trees, or from your fence to make a cool space.

Install a Cocktail Bar for Summer Gatherings

This is a must for socially-minded Philadelphia homeowners. You can create a pull-out bar to save space. Build this over a paved or terraced area.

You can design the lighting to set the mood. Install a small fridge for fruit or ice and hook it up to the mains. A large carafe or dispenser lets your guests pour soft drinks or something stronger.

Cocktails are for winter, too! You can set up heat lamps to keep your guests warm in the festive months. These give a beautiful glow and beg you to warm your hands with them.

Design a Plant-Filled Wall Space

Think creeping ivy and vines. Put up a wooden frame and bring it to life with wall plants. This is an amazing way to brighten up your vertical garden decoration space.

Real plants work best here, and many creeper-type plants are low-maintenance. Trim them to stop them from growing out of control, unless you want the welcome to our jungle vibe!

Keep the Kids Busy With a Play Area

Create a foam-padded area for children to play in. If you have a modest-sized garden, you can keep an eye on them while you chat with your friends. Climbing frames, ball or sand pits, and paddling pools are all ideal.

If you want to make things more educational, you can install a chalkboard for creative games. Ask your kids for play area ideas.

Cozy Up With Plush Seating Areas

Give your worn-out furniture a second life. Cover your benches and seating areas with colorful pillows, throws, and blankets. Bean bags add a hip feel and keep things casual.

The great thing about pillows, bean bags, and throws is that you can swap them around. Match your color schemes to the season or occasion. 

Freshen Up Your Paving Slabs

It’s easy to forget about what’s under your feet, but your guests will notice your cracked paving slabs. Wooden terraces age badly too, so swap yours out for a fresher option when you can.

Smooth gray, marble, or slate work well with most gardens. Keep your slab colors neutral so you can put anything you like on top of them.

Automate Your Garden to Save Time

Yes, technology can be a pain sometimes. But for watering your garden, apps can be real time-savers. If you decide on real lawn grass, automate your watering cycle from your smartphone.

You can even find self-watering plant pots.

Set your garden’s lighting in the same way. In the darker months, you will come home to a beautifully lit garden.

Never Fear the Faux

Science says gardening is good for you, but you have a busy schedule. False plants are an easy way to make your garden decorative. 

Artificial lawn grass can be a savior in wetter months. The best artificial lawns have drainage systems built under them. This prevents wet patches, puddles, and fungus growth.

A spattering of artificial plants in among your real ones keeps things fresh all year.

Bring Bird Song to Your Garden

No garden should be without wildlife. Garden birds bring beautiful morning melodies and evening serenades to your home. Create a birdhouse to invite them in and remember to make it cozy!

Birds pick off pests that prey on your plants. They help protect your garden and instill a sense of peace. 

Choose nutritious foods for them. Nuts, seeds, and mealworms are their favorites. 

Reserve a Quiet Space for Retreat and Reflection

Ok, you’ve arrived home from work. You have spent all day indoors, and now you want to relax. 

Instead of letting the TV hypnotize you, retreat to your own outdoor enclave. This needs to be a quiet space, semi-enclosed by your garden decor so you can avoid distractions. A decorative garden fence is ideal.

Learn some meditation techniques, practice yoga, or read your favorite book. The bird songs and the rustle of leaves in the breeze will calm you.

Bring Nature to Your Home

We hope our garden decor guide gave your some ideas to spruce up your space. A healthy garden is essential for a holistic home. With a few quick tips, you can make yours perfect for you and your family.

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