7 Ideas for Unique Outdoor Christmas Decor

by | Dec 6, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and physiology reveals why. Christmas decorations make people happier because of the sentiment and bright colors. Decorations cause the brain to release dopamine, which triggers the brain’s reward center to make people feel good.

So start decorating! Keep reading to learn 7 lovely ideas for outdoor Christmas decor.

1. Christmas Tree Celebration

Fill your yard with symbolic celebration! The Christmas tree holds a ton of meaning.

When everything else falls bare, these special trees keep their beautiful green needles that remind us of Christmas. This makes it a strong symbol of birth and everlasting life.

Historically, many cultures decorated the pine for various reasons. For those who celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas, the tree represents joy and the birth of baby Jesus.

This doesn’t need to include yard decorations that take lots of time or energy to set up. Decorative metal yard stakes will do the trick. These simply dig into the ground and are made of a material that will weather the storms.

Place colorful Christmas trees spread out across the lawn for a simple sentiment. But don’t stop there.

Utilize the actual trees in your yard as well. Wrap a string of lights around small pines or bushes to brighten up everybody’s Christmas spirit as they pass by.

If your yard doesn’t have pines, decorate your bare tree branches with simple ornaments. Tie red bows around the trunks for a finishing touch.

2. The North Pole

Set up your yard to resemble the North Pole. As children pass by, it will spark their imagination and make them feel excited for the holiday to come!

In the Garden, replace your gnomes with little Christmas elves. Place present-shaped metal stakes throughout the garden and along the walkway.

If you want to get crafty, supplement the metal gifts with painted wooden boxes. Nail hefty bows to the top.

Buy Santa’s red sleigh for an over-the-top production. Don’t want to buy something that big when it’s only seasonal?

With a little imagination, you can turn a beautiful Cinderella carriage that decorates your lawn all year into Santa’s sleigh! Wrap it with lights and tie on little red bows to make it look magical.

Hang galvanized Christmas bells along the top and sides. Fill up some potato sacks tied with green ribbon to throw inside the sleigh.

Put out a candy cane north pole mailbox to leave no mistake about where you’re bringing people with your decor. The kids will love sending letters to Santa from this direct transport to his residence.

For nighttime, put up a North Pole Christmas lantern with Crossing signs. It adds to the fun and leaves a light for the night Santa arrives.

3. Oh Deer Decor

Reindeer make Christmas magical for everybody. They fly through the air carrying Santa’s sleigh to deliver gifts around the entire globe.

Deer holiday yard decorations look elegant to adults and excite the little ones. Place iron and galvanized metal reindeer figurines throughout your yard.

A candy cane sign marked “Reindeer Rides” adds a little fun to the mix. Bring your kid’s imagination to life by actually attracting deer toward your display.

Fill your bird fountain with fresh water to keep a fresh drinking source. Keep a block of wood in the water to stop it from freezing. Place salt licks, apples, corn, and berries, near your decor, so the animals stop by to feed.

4. Hark the Herald Angels

As the Bible story goes, angels appeared to Mary and Joseph to tell them that she would carry the child in her womb. On the night of the baby’s birth, angels appeared in the sky to announce his birth.

For many, angels make Christmas feel beautiful and miraculous. Plus, they make for a gorgeous holiday decoration.

Hang acrylic angel ornaments in various places outside your home. They can hang from your porch, garage overhang, and low tree branches to help you announce what Christmas means to you.

5. Nutcracker Necessities

Everybody loves the famous nutcracker from Tchaikovsky’s ballet. Set in a winter wonderland on Christmas Eve, it quickly turned into a holiday tradition for many families.

Nutcrackers represent strength and power against anything not good. Their color and craftsmanship make them beautiful Christmas decorations.

Set up various life-sized nutcracker statues around your yard to defend your Christmas spirit! If you want to go all out, play the soundtrack through outdoor speakers!

6. Old Fashioned Christmas

Nostalgia connects us to happy times and fills our hearts with love. This happens even when you create a past never lived in by most of us alive today.

Decorating your yard to recreate an old-fashioned Christmas means toning down the color schematic. Santa appears classier, and the other decor carries a fancy simplicity.

This reminds many people of a Christmas that existed before commercials. One where a single gift would suffice because it was togetherness that meant everything.

Place an old-fashioned Christmas mailbox outside. In your garden, place an Olde World Santa figure. Hang old-fashioned ornaments and galvanized jingle bells in the trees and around your front porch.

7. Simply Christmas

Theming does not need to turn into a huge production if you do not want it to. Simplicity sings the songs of Christmas just fine.

This can look like hanging lights and placing a large ornament next to your doorstep. It might involve doing nothing more than putting a red mailbox for Santa letters out front for the kids.

For family fun, bring out a number of ornaments and hang them on bushes and small trees in your yard. If you add real candy canes to the mix for fun, remember to unwrap them, so plastic doesn’t end up in the environment.

Get Creative With Outdoor Christmas Decor

There is no wrong way to decorate your yard for the holidays. So gather your outdoor Christmas decor and make something magical with your imagination.

Decorating for the season will make you feel good about your home. The neighbors will appreciate the way your Christmas spirit ignites theirs.

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