Set of 7 Red Hat Christmas Elves “The Connors”


Set of 7 Red Hat Christmas Elves “The Connors”


The Set of 7 Red Hat Christmas Elves “The Connors”  from Lesera are the latest in our very popular Christmas/snow figurine series. Initially scheduled to arrive last year – we were unhappy with the results and decided to take them back to the drawing board, but now they’re BACK and BETTER than ever! Beautifully designed and painted, these indoor/outdoor Red Hat Elves are crafted from strong, quality, magnesium which allows them to withstand extreme cold without breaking. Scatter them throughout the floors, shelves, and tables of your store or home or create a magical window display for all to see.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Weather resistant
  • 100% magnesium
  • Freestanding with flat base for stability
  • Various poses, styles, and sizes
  •  Hand painted in muted colors
  • Distressed finish with multi-dimensional glitter overlay

Product Dimensions:
ZR960120-A “Nosy” (Standing with Hand Behind Back) – 8.86″ L x 9.06″ W x 22.44″ H.
UPC: 883960120014
ZR960120-B “Shushy” (Sitting with Hands Clasped in Lap) – 9.06″ L x 7.09″ W x 23.62″ H.
UPC: 883960120113
ZR960120-C “Sunny” (Standing Holding Lantern) – 10.24″ L x 7.68″ W x 22.24″ H.
UPC: 883960120212
ZR960120-D “Woody” (Sitting Holding Tree) – 8.86″ L x 9.06″ W x 13.19″ H.
UPC:  883960120311
ZR960120-E “Rolly” (Sitting Holding Knees to Chest) – 13.98″ L x 8.07″ W x 12.01″ H.
UPC: 883960120410
ZR960120-F “Kindly” (Sitting Holding Gift) – 11.02″ L x 9.06″ W x 17.32″ H.
UPC: 883960120519
ZR960120-G “Dozy” (Sitting With Head on Hands on Knees) – 10.24″ L x 7.48″ W x 15.35″ H.
UPC: 83960120618

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