When to Put Up Christmas Decorations

by | Oct 9, 2023

Did you know the average American is spending $269 on holiday decorations each year?

If you’re a fan of decorating for Christmas, you might be eager to unearth your wreaths and ornaments as soon as possible. But you also might not want to be the first one in your neighborhood with lights and a tree in the window. 

Wondering when to put up Christmas decorations? Read on to learn about your options!

Get an Early Start

There’s nothing wrong with pulling out your boxes of seasonal decor when the calendar says October. In fact, there are some clear benefits to getting an early start on decorating. 

You can help combat the challenges that come with the seasonal time change. Rolling back the clocks translates to darker evenings and colder days that can leave some feeling dreary.

But bursts of tinsel and colored lights can brighten spirits in a hurry! A home that’s decked out to deck the halls with greenery, lights, and stockings will feel cozy.

Consider reaching for your Christmas decor when the calendar turns to October. While some might think October’s a little early for decorations, you’ll have some company in most retail stores. Department stores often set up their Christmas inventory well in advance of the holiday.

Getting an early start to outdoor decorating can be helpful for those living in colder climates, too. The outdoor temperatures will be more comfortable. And that’s ideal for stringing lights and putting up other outdoor Christmas decor

For indoor decor, you could weave flashes of Christmas into a fall-themed lineup. A few touches of metallics and ruby red among the warmer tones of fall can work well. Add red candles to your mantle display or even a reindeer figurine or fall-themed nutcracker. 

Remember that fall seasonal decorations can bring their own variety of fulfillment. You don’t need to limit your pumpkins and leaves to the last two weeks of September. Let your seasons mingle for a fun approach to holiday decorating. 

Give Fall Some Breathing Room

Most years, fall starts in late September and ends in early December. If waiting until early December to put up Christmas decorations seems too long, split the difference.

Honor fall’s colors and decorative flourishes until the end of October. Stick with pumpkins, burnt-orange pillows, and cornstalks. And keep the bins of seasonal decor stashed away.

Then treat November as the start of the Christmas season. Early November brings a bite to the air, and leaves usually are absent from trees by that point. The time will seem ripe for a change in your decor. 

When the days start to seem long and dark, Christmas decor can provide a bit of brightness. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy your decorations longer with an earlier start.

As another bonus to starting in early November, you’ll have more time to enjoy setting things up. You won’t be preoccupied with buying gifts or baking cookies. And you won’t feel like putting up decorations is a task on a long to-do list.

Wait Until Thanksgiving

One popular approach to decorating your home for Christmas is to wait until Thanksgiving weekend. Embrace the pumpkins and turkeys for a few more days and then head out to buy a Christmas tree after Black Friday.

This approach is great if you hope to make setting up seasonal decorations a family affair. After all, many individuals have time off during Thanksgiving. That makes Thanksgiving weekend the perfect opportunity for shopping and decorating together. 

You can make a tradition out of finding a tree together and hanging ornaments. If you have children, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is an excellent time to create handmade Christmas crafts, like paper snowflakes and pinecone trees. Take a break from indulgent eating and football games to give your home some festive charm. 

Just keep in mind that Thanksgiving falls on different Thursdays each year. And some years, it falls pretty close to the start of December. That means you won’t have as much time to marvel at your decorations.

Look to Advent as a Starting Point

As another option, start decorating when Advent starts. For those celebrating the religious traditions of Christmas, Advent can represent a logical starting point for the season. It also has a clear sense of meaning and a start that varies from year to year.

Advent starts the fourth Sunday prior to Christmas. This places it at the start of December or the end of November. For those who don’t want Christmas decor to overlap with Thanksgiving, Advent can be a good compromise. 

Putting up nativities and religious decor at Advent can deepen the meaning of the season. Even though the timeframe to enjoy the decorations is shorter with an Advent start date, it can help the time feel more special. Knowing that your favorite decorations are up for a limited time can help you cherish them more.  

Consider What Brings You Joy

Ultimately, there aren’t any rules about when you should start putting up Christmas decorations. Perhaps the most important factor is your personal preference. You can start decorating whenever you feel moved to do so!

For many, Christmas is a joyous season that can bring together family and friends. Its mood-boosting potential is reason enough to start decorating as early as you’d like. If anything, the act of decorating is a way to socialize and remember those with whom you’ve celebrated over the years. 

Holiday decorations also have a nostalgia factor that can make the season more meaningful. You might enjoy setting up retro Santa figurines or family decorations that have been passed down through the years. 

Know When to Put Up Christmas Decorations

If you’re not sure when to put up Christmas decorations, know that there aren’t specific rules. Consider mingling seasons with a festive October decor display, or waiting until early November to get started. Or hold off until Thanksgiving or Advent before you unleash your love of all things Christmas. 

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