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Home Décor Furniture

Your home is usually the space where you are likely to spend the majority of your time over your lifetime, so having a space that is attractive and welcoming can really make a difference in making your house feel like a home. Lesera has a range of different home furniture that can help you to make sure your home looks great, and is also a practical and comfortable place to spend time as well. Our craftsmen have put time and effort into ensuring that our furniture is well made to the highest standards, and will offer a different twist to the usual run of the mill furniture you may find elsewhere.

Bistro Sets And Chairs

Ideal for an open plan kitchen or for a conservatory, our wonderful bistro sets combine a stylish table with metal chairs that are ideal as a spot to enjoy a coffee or where you can enjoy breakfast with a partner. The table tops are available in a range of different designs, and the accents on the chairs are tailored to match with the beautiful pattern that is on display on the table top. Our range of bistro sets are just as good within the home as they are on the patio or in the garden.

Benches And Iron Furniture

Along with our bistro sets, we also have some lovely iron furniture that can be used inside the home as well, and will look good wherever they are placed. We have iron benches and chairs that are available in a variety of different marine-themed styles, along with tables to accompany those benches and chairs. If you are looking for something different for your home, then it is worth having a look at the benches and iron furniture that we have on offer, to see if they can help to complete the look of your property.

Decorative Storage Items

Having a traditional feel, our home storage items are all about providing a great looking decoration that will also double as useful storage space. We have a range of different types of old fashioned suitcases and trunks that will look absolutely fabulous, whether you place them in your hallway or in a sitting room, with each item fitted with high quality trimmings. If you enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, why not check out our Marani wine bottle holder that is in the shape of an old fashioned wine barrel. As well as looking good, it can hold five standard sized wine bottles and has a handle if you need to move these about.

Lamps For The Home

Finding the right illumination for your home can really make a big difference to the atmosphere, and when you are winding down for the day, a beautiful lamp can transform the lighting in a particular room. Our lamps have a rattan style lampshade, and are provided with either a large or small tripod, depending on whether you would prefer your lamp to be free standing or if you’d rather place it on a side table or coffee table.

Unique Home and Garden Decor
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