Set of 3 Bamboo Finished Suitcase Décor


Set of 3 Bamboo Finished Suitcase Décor

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This Set of 3 Antique Bamboo Finish Suitcases makes for beautiful decor and functional travel accessories. Each suitcase has a woven bamboo blocked center exterior bordered by copper plating with exquisite detailing that gives it a true worn feel. These suitcases are sturdy and beautiful and work great to display similar style items or simply by themselves.

  • Natural Bamboo Finish
  • Includes two latches to make for easy access, closure, and security
  • Copper plated trim
  • Vegan leather handles for easy transport
  • Functional and decorative
  • Product Dimensions – Large: 20″x14.5″x9″T; Med.:18″x12.5″x7″T; Sm.: 16″x10.5″x5.5″T
SKU: ZR110003 Categories: ,


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