Large Flying Eagle Iron Rocking Stake “Aerie”

Large Flying Eagle Iron Rocking Stake “Aerie”


Our bestselling Flying Eagle Rocking Stake “Aquila” has returned revamped with an updated finish. Our new eagle “Aerie” will feature the same frame, body, and stake as its predecessor, but with a cleaner, more precise hand-painted, realistic finish. The body will be a rust color while the head will be a distressed ivory. This magnificent creature from our Lesera site sits proudly perched atop a strong iron stake, with his wings spread wide. With a gentle push or gust of wind, Aquila will rock back and forth, his wings flapping up and down. *The current image is of the old model ZR171660 – we will provide an updated image as soon as we have one. 

  •  Weather resistant
  • Year round use
  • Powder coated for additional protection
  •  Easy to assemble
  • Instructions/hardware included (no additional tools needed)
  •  Distressed, hand painted finish
  • Heavy duty, sturdy iron; Built to last
  • Freestanding
  • Strong, 6 prong stake
  • Skillfully balanced
Product Dimensions: 63″ L x 46″ W x 79″ H


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