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Making a house a home is something that can take quite a lot of time once you move into a new place, and whether it is a small apartment or a large family home, the walls are one of the first places that people will look to decorate. And there are plenty more things that you can do to make a room more attractive than just painting or wallpapering that space. Lesera has a range of attractive and interesting items that can be used to decorate the wall, including rustic and retro items that will really help your home to stand out.

Decorative Iron Signs

We have some great iron signage that can look really good whether indoors or in an outdoor sitting area, and can really add an interesting touch to that particular area of your home. All of our signs are very durable and will provide an attractive feature to your home for years to come, produced in powder coated iron and available in a range of colors. We also have wonderful retro signs that are designed to look like old-style bottle caps, but in a much larger size, and these are decorated with some great images from the glory days of the United States.


Along with our iron signs, we also have a range of wonderful clocks that will make a real feature in any room of the home, but are ideal for a man-cave or a teenage boy’s room. Our clocks are designed in the shape of a gear, and are then decorated inside the gear with some images including retro motorbikes, cars and other designs that are really good to look at. As you would expect from Lesera products, these clocks have been made and checked by our craftsmen to a very high standard, and offer a great option if you are looking for something decorative and functional to add to the wall.

Wall Hooks And Iron Decorations

Our craftsmen are always particularly proud of our decorative ironwork, and while our lovely painted iron signs are great, we also have some great decorative ironwork for your wall as well. These including a hanging iron cross with a decorative mosaic center, and also some attractive iron wall frames with a decorative inlay that can provide a really dramatic feature. If you are looking for something that is both functional and attractive, our wall mounted hooks are not only beautifully decorated, but are also really practical for hanging your coats too.

Illuminated Signs

When it comes to our attractive retro signs, there is a good range of options, but it is also worth considering one of our illuminating signs, which are a wonderful feature once it gets dark and you can light it up. One of these is our version of the Las Vegas sign, which really captures the faded glory of the city. Whatever you choose from our great range of wall décor, we offer free shipping throughout the country, and will get your order dispatched quickly and efficiently.

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