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Seasonal Halloween / Harvest

When it comes to celebrating different times of year, being able to ensure your home looks festive and well decorated is something that can take a lot of effort to perfect. Our range of Halloween items is something we take great pride in here at Lesera, and our decorative figurines and decorations can offer a great feature to really get your home into the Halloween spirit. Whether you prefer the traditional witches or are more interested in skeletons or pumpkins, we have something that will appeal to old any young celebrants alike.

Metal Halloween Figurine

Our wonderful metal figurines are a great way to celebrate Halloween, and we have a range of different characters from the Pumpkin Man through to a friendly witch or skeleton, and each character has their own colorful personality. Our figurines stand at several feet tall, and are beautifully painted in vibrant colors that will help your home to really stand out if you use them as your Halloween door guardian. All of these statues are hand painted and are made from powder coated iron, to make sure that you can bring out your Halloween figures out year after year to celebrate the spookiest of annual holidays!

Pumpkin Themed Decorations

If you prefer your decorations to be a little less themed on the spooky side of Halloween, we also have some decorations that highlight the long association between pumpkins and our Halloween festival. We have a metal model of a retro pickup truck carrying a load of pumpkins ready for the harvest. We also have several jack-o-lantern figurines that give the pumpkins their own character as well, which would also be a lovely decoration for your Halloween celebrations.

New Items For Halloween 2020

When it comes to preparing new items for our range, at Lesera our craftsmen are working throughout the year to make sure that when it comes to the big celebrations, your home will look perfect. Our craftsmen are already getting things ready for Halloween, and this year we are sure you’re going to be impressed with what we have in store. For Halloween 2020, we are going to have a range of different archways that are ideal for display outside the home, with themes ranging from the traditional pumpkins to more spooky designs such as an evil jack-o-lantern with a spooky blue light inside, or those decorated with ghosts as well.

High Quality And Free Shipping

Whether you are a keen enthusiast of the spooky side of Halloween, or you prefer the more traditional natural themes of the harvest festival, we are bound to have something that will give your home a great new look. Our craftsmen also work hard to ensure that our goods are of the highest quality, and are made to last for year after year. We also offer free shipping throughout the United States, so wherever you are you can be confident that we can get your items to you quickly and efficiently, using a courier that will look after your products right to your door.

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