“The Smallfries” Set of 6 Assorted Spring Garden Gnomes

“The Smallfries” Set of 6 Assorted Spring Garden Gnomes

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The Smallfry Family is the absolute must-have garden decoration of the season. These colorful little guys from Lesera are everything you could want in a garden gnome. From the large pointed hats covering their eyes, the bulbous nose peeking out, and the fun spring details, they are perfect for adding life to any yard, home, or business.

  • Indoor/Outdoor safe
  • Weather resistant
  • Freestanding
  • 100% magnesium
  • Hand painted matte finish
  • Hollow inside
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Vibrant bright and pastel colors
  • Includes six assorted Spring-themed gnomes

Product Dimensions:
ZR218021 Gnome Holding Toadstool with Yellow Hat and Ladybug – 11.42″X9.25″X20.87″H.
ZR218022 Gnome Holding Wooden Sign and Flowers – 12.01″X9.25″X20.67″H.
ZR218024 Gnome Sitting with Giant Flower and Red Hat – 12.6″X11.81″X20.67″H.
ZR218025 Gnome Sitting with Giant Flower and Orange Hat with Butterflies – 14.17″X13.58″X18.5″H.
ZR218026 Gnome Holding Wooden Sign with Green Flower Hat – 11.42″X9.06″X19.88″H.
ZR218027 Gnome Sitting Holding Daisies and a Butterfly – 13.19″X10.24″X19.69″H.

1 review for “The Smallfries” Set of 6 Assorted Spring Garden Gnomes

  1. Patricia (verified owner)

    So beautiful !! My third purchase from this shop !! Would highly recommend!! You won’t be disappointed !!

    • Admin Dariia

      Thank you, Patricia, for choosing Lesera.com for your Home and Garden Decor!

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