Set of 6 Assorted Hand Painted Iron Rooster Figurines

Set of 6 Assorted Hand Painted Iron Rooster Figurines


It has been a while since Lesera has introduced a new set and style of metal rooster figurines. Well, the time has come and we are incredibly excited and proud of our newest designs. Iron crafted by skilled manufacturers and hand painted for a unique feel, these roosters are unlike any other on the market. Painted with a very particular color palette, these roosters are connected with shades of blue, turquoise, browns, oranges, and white. Each piece is weathered for a vintage appearance, some having floral motifs painted across the exterior, giving it a little extra something. Sell as a set or scatter across your shop and sell individually.

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Weather & rust resistant
  • 100% powder coated iron
  •  Hand painted with distressed finish
  •  Freestanding
  • 5in. U-shape base; can be stakes into ground (stake not included)
  • Hollow; lightweight yet sturdy

Product Dimensions:
ZR201300-A   23.25″ Tall Orange Head Rooster Looking Back with Teal Tail

Size: 17″ L. x 7.5″ W x 23.25″ H., 2.8lbs
ZR201300-B   24″ Tall White Head Rooster with Blue Body and Floral Print Wings
Size: 17″ L x 7.25″ W x 24″ H., 2.4lbs
ZR201300-C   22″ Tall Red Head Rooster with Teal Tail and Orange & Green Accents
     Size17.5″ L x 8.125″ W x 22″ H., 3.3lbs
ZR201300-D   27.5″ Tall White Rooster with Floral Print Body and Green Wings

Size: 20.25″ L x 9.5″ W x 27.5″ H., 4.2lbs
ZR201300-E   26.375″ Tall White and Brown Rooster with Floral Print Body
Size18.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 26.375″ H., 3.8lbs
ZR201300-F   23″ Tall White Rooster with Brown Accents & Red Head
Size: 17.5″ L x 7″ W x 23″ H., 2.8lbs

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