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16″ Tall Frosted Gold Polyresin Preaching Buddha

16″ Tall Frosted Gold Polyresin Preaching Buddha


Preaching Buddha by Lesera’s is a true work of art. Positioned with one hand up and the other in his lap, this statue often symbolizes his first sermon and the eternal tradition of preaching and disseminating his profound ideas. Featuring a high quality polyresin base and a hand painted finish, with embellishments, textures, and mirror accents throughout, customers will be in awe of the craftmanship and beauty of this home accent Preaching Buddah.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Year round safe
  • Distressed and hand painted
  • Frosted gold finish
  • Freestanding
  • Meticulous details and textures

Material: 100% polyresin
Item Weight: 4.4lbs
Hollow: YES

Dimensions: 11.42″ L x 7.09″ W x 15.94″ H
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