“The Hobgoblins” Magnesium Halloween Garden Gnomes in 6 Assorted Styles

“The Hobgoblins” Magnesium Halloween Garden Gnomes in 6 Assorted Styles


These guys are so much fun, you will want to keep them out all year long (and we don’t blame ya!). A hobgoblin is another term for gnomes, so we thought what better name for our collection of six assorted garden gnome statues than “The Hobgoblins“. These gnomes from Lesera are all skillfully crafted from durable magnesium and hand painted to perfection. Finished in vibrant Halloween colors such as purple, black and orange, each hobgoblin has their own spooky accessories. Your neighbors will be frightfully jealous when they see these ghouls appear in your front yard.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Weather resistant
  • Freestanding
  • 100% quality magnesium
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Powder coated for added protection
  • Hand painted with glitter accents

Product Dimensions:
ZR218001   Halloween Gnome Wizard with Pumpkin Wand & Purple Hat 11.61″X9.06″X20.67″H.
ZR218002   Halloween Gnome Witch Holding “BOO” Sign, 9.84″X9.25″X20.67″H.
ZR218003   Halloween Gnome Warlock with Broom and Brown Hat, 11.02″X9.665″X20.67″H.
ZR218004   Halloween Gnome Witch Holding Jack-O-Lantern and Kitten, 12.99″X10.43″X19.29″H.
ZR218005   Halloween Gnome Wizard with Cauldron and Orange Hat, 10.43″X9.84″X21.06″H.
ZR218006   Halloween Gnome Wizard Holding Pumpkin Basket and Orange Boo Hat, 9.84″X8.07″X21.06″H.

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