“The Americanos” 6 Assorted American Patriot Garden Gnomes


“The Americanos” 6 Assorted American Patriot Garden Gnomes

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Show off your American Pride with Lesera’s “Americanos” Magnesium Garden Gnome Collection. This collection includes six assorted style gnomes, all featuring long white beards and oversized hats that cover their eyes. Hand painted in vibrant red, white, and blue, these fun-loving gnomes are a great way to show your love for your country while adding color and life to your yard. Purchase your favorite gnome or the entire set of six and make every day the fourth of July!

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Weather resistant
  • Freestanding
  • 100% magnesium
  • Hand painted matte finish
  • Hollow inside
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Beautiful colors and textures

Product Dimensions:
ZR210007 Gnome Holding Star Lollipop – 12.01″X10.63″X20.87″H.
ZR210008 Gnome Holding Big Star – 10.43″X9.84″X20.67″H.
ZR210009 Gnome Holding Big Heart with Uncle Sam Hat – 10.24″X10.04″X19.69″H.
ZR210010 Gnome Holding Firework Rocket – 12.01″X10.63″X20.87″H.
ZR210011 Gnome Holding Balloons – 10.83″X8.66″X20.87″H.
ZR210012 Gnome Holding Flag with Red Hat – 13.19″X9.45″X19.49″H.

2 reviews for “The Americanos” 6 Assorted American Patriot Garden Gnomes

  1. Barb (verified owner)

    It is perfect! Larger than I thought but that’s even better!

  2. Pam Barnhardt (verified owner)

    Love this sellers gnomes! It won’t break if it gets knocked over. And is light weight enough that it is easy for me to handle by myself. I will be buying more as my budget allows.

    • Admin Dariia

      Thank you, Pam! We have gnomes for many different seasons, like Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day, Easter, Patriotic ones, etc.

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